Tools for 2015


Jupiter’s time in Virgo (Aug. 2015 – Sept. 2016) promises to clean up some of the chaos of the past three years and strengthen the new platforms that are already replacing.  My written Jupiter in Virgo guides (one for each sign) explore the areas of life up for rebooting, improvement and expansion, and the areas being stabilized, projected through next summer. My Jupiter in Virgo talk on mp3 gives an overview of what’s up for all the signs.

Tapping into 2015

My annual astro-overview explains the year’s big influences and ties them to processes that are wrapping up or shifting gear. This year’s comes with EFT tapping sequences to tune you up for the journey. Mp3 set. More info

Getting Started in 2015

My guides show you where and how you are making a gear shift and which areas of life are being revitalized. Each edition contains a general discussion that applies to everyone, plus specific information for one sign. PDF. More info

Internal Guidance System Activation

Just the ticket for the ongoing square between Saturn and Neptune: This guided visualization expands your ability to perceive information and energy from anywhere and anyone by linking your inner and outer senses. Mp3. More info

Navigating the Shift With Ease

This free 60-minute talk introduces the astrological forces at work now and     how they are affecting you. I help you recognize how much energy you pick up from other people and carry around in the course of ordinary life (including their discomfort with all this change). You’ll learn simple but powerful tools for reclaiming and cleaning your energy. Listen here.