Astro-Insight for December 16-22. 2019

This solstice is a silent night. But first, a flurry of practical action with long-term impact. Astro-Insight for December 16-22, 2019. Please do not forward w/o copyright notice intact, which is: Text & recording  © ℗ Kathy Biehl 2019. Image by H. …

December 2016

December brings a head-spinning mix of inevitability and unpredictability. Don’t expect it to go according to either tradition or plan. Keep your mind and schedule open, follow your instincts and you might actually have fun. Having popcorn on hand might prove useful, too. We’re being catapulted out of the upheaval of the past five years and into directions that upheaval made possible. Everything that has broken, cracked open, shifted and reshaped over the past five years has led to the events of this month.