2017 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

August 7, 2017 11:10 AM PDT / 2:10 PM EDT / 6:10 PM GMT 15 Leo  25  / 15 Aquarius 25 What’s that sound? Gasps? Exploding light bulbs? Lightning strikes? Slamming doors? Sighs of recognition and relief? How about: All of the above? The racket -- and daw …

Astro-Insight for July 31 – Aug. 6, 2017

Celestial gears are grinding, turning, interlocking, setting off many many many shades of change. Seat belt fastened? Snacks on hand? Enough to share? Good. How to Handle Mercury Retrograde in 2017 FB Live Astro-Chat noon EDT Friday, Aug. 4 and posted …

2017 Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse

How are you at surfing? Or riding a wave? Not that you have much choice. And not that effort is required. A surge is coming, no matter what you do, with the force to carry you into the next 19 years.