Summer 2019 Toolkit

Retrogrades of Summer 2019 Series

Guide: Learn how, when and where the summer’s outer planet retrogrades are cleaning out and restructuring foundational areas of our lives. The joint retrograde of Saturn/Pluto is the focus; you’ll also get a taste of the role of the eclipses, the potential for expanded faith (and delusion or escapism), via Jupiter and Neptune, and the radical, practical change potential of Uranus. Each section includes tips for working with the influences and what they means for each sign. Available now as a download in the shop!

Targeted reading: Want to know more? Want to talk with me and ask questions? The targeted reading explores how all of the above is affecting you specifically. This reading is limited to how the retrogrades are activating your life the summer and where this might lead early next year.

Summer 2019 retrograde readings

Other ways of harnessing the summer’s life- and world-altering aspects:

Ice cream flavor: Rocky Road

Seeing the bigger picture (free articles)

Neutralizing / getting over physical, emotional and/or psychic pain