Podcast FAQ

Where is the Astro-Insight podcast posted?

It’s in four places online:

  • On the podcast page of EmpowermentUnlimited.net. To play, click the arrow at the left of the entry for the episode you want, in the player.
  • On the podcast page at Libsyn. To play, click the arrow at the left of the player, under the text for the episode.
  • In the My Podcast box at my Facebook business page. To play, you will need to register. It’s free. Do it once and you can play the podcast from Facebook. Easy peasy.
  • In the iTunes store. Listen there, or subscribe to have them delivered.

Why can’t I get your podcast to play?

The problem is most likely in your browser.

My website: If you’re at the podcast page at EmpowermentUnlimited.net, make sure you have the Adobe Flash plug-in.

Libsy: Libsyn support says the site should work with any modern browser. If it’s not working for you, install the Adobe Flash plug-in.

Facebook: If the My Podcast box is not displaying the episode list, you will need to sign up for access. Once you do, you can play any listed episode by pressing its arrow.

What about an app?

To find the app, first download the app Podcast Source.

Once you install Podcast Source, search for the astroinsight app. Press the + sign to add it to My Shows.

To play the podcast, open Podcast Source.

Press My Shows.

Press the “Astrology You Can Use” graphic.

Select the episode you want to hear.

If the current week’s episode is not displaying, hit ALL and the archive should reload.