Family Dynamics Books

Customized Chart Report Books

For insight into how the individual members of your family tick, how they interact with each other, and what the family theme(s), personality and mission are
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Each Astro-Insight Family Dynamics report book places a wealth of astrological information about the members of your family in a reference binder, designed to be kept and used for years. The report binder contains customized interpretative reports that I have chosen for their clarity and usefulness. While no computer report is a substitute for an in-depth consultation with an astrologer, these report combinations open the doorway to understanding and working with the distinctive astrological dynamics of your family.

Each Family Dynamics report book contains:

  • The natal chart of each family member
  • An interpretative report of each adult’s natal chart
  • A specialized interpretative report of each child’s natal chart (focusing on the unfolding personality)
  • An interpretative report of the parents relationship
  • An interpretative report of the relationship between each adult and child, and between each pair of children

Each version can be customized to include the individuals of your choice. The order form is set up for parents and children, but you can add or substitute other family members — grandparents, stepparents, stepchildren, a parent’s partner, uncles, aunts, cousins — even the family dog!

You define the family. It can be birth parents and children (whether the parents are married or whether everyone lives under one roof). It can include adopted children. The family can include more than one generation. It can be a blended family, with step-siblings and stepparents. It can be nontraditional or chosen family, with individuals who are not related by blood or marriage. In fact, it can be any group at all!

Each version can be expanded, after the initial order, to add charts and reports on additional individuals. For example, after ordering a Family Dynamics book for your spouse and children, you may be curious to see how your parents fit in the mix, or your spouse’s parents, or both sets. Just order add-on reports for your existing book.

The Family Dynamics book is a unique product and value. Unlike other general astrology guides, the Family Dynamics book pertains only to the individuals you request. While many astrological services offer individual and relationship chart reports, the Family Dynamics book is the only one, to my knowledge (and I’ve looked!) that provides them in a family package. And the price includes a volume discount you won’t find elsewhere.

Here is the order form inĀ PDF. Complete and mail to the address indicated, or scan and email it to kbiehl AT