Energy Management Services


  • 30-minute session: $125
  • 45-minute session: $180
  • 60-minute session: $250
  • Get a package of three 30-minute sessions for $300

Who uses energy management services?

For empaths, sensitives & people affected by their environment
Private consultations and group work:

  • Disengaging from other people’s emotions, issues,  projections, programming and energy
  • Clearing, monitoring and safeguarding your energy
  • Setting and maintaining psychic boundaries
  • Creating and maintaining a private sanctuary
  • Clearing, monitoring and safeguarding your energy

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What are energy management services?

Learn more about energy management and the simple tools I teach in my free downloadable introductory course “Reclaiming Your Energy” and my 60-minute talk “Navigating the Shift With Ease”. (The talk’s context is outdated but the explanation remains relevant.) Email me for more information or to book.