Custom Videos

“…sublime…” “one of the best gifts I have ever gotten.”

Treat your friends and clients to one of the coolest gifts ever!

Now you can harness the informative, conversational and light-hearted approach of my Professional Aquarian YouTube channel!

Take care of your gift list now by commissioning one-of-a-kind items that will delight and amuse. Order a personalized astrology video and you will receive a mini-reading with my unique take (and, let’s be honest, personality!):  a five-minute video highlighting the big themes of the upcoming year for the lucky recipient of your gift.

Who doesn’t like being the center of attention? That’s part of the appeal of this unique gift — and you don’t have to believe in astrology to appreciate it! (Be warned, though: It may make you and yours a convert!)  The recipient doesn’t even have to be a person. A pet, a business, a group or organization, a city or project — if I can construct a birth chart for it, I can do a reading!

Birthday videos end with a lit candle in a cupcake and the opportunity to make a wish. Other props with special meaning are negotiable; let me know what’s important to you or your recipient, and we’ll tawk!

You send me:  name, date and place of birth, time if you know it (okay if you don’t) and any special requests, plus the email address to which you want the video delivered. I’ll identify you as the benefactor unless you specify anonymous. If you like, I’ll also mail you a card announcing the gift, perfect for tucking into a stocking or slipping into a pile of presents.

Allow at least 10 days for delivery.

Rush orders incur surcharges; email me to discuss your needs.

Email me* with additional info, requests, concerns or questions (and if

the PayPal boxes aren’t big enough for your data)