Chart Report Services

Astrological Chart Report Services

Want to jumpstart your understanding of yourself, another person or a relationship? Order one of the computer-generated interpretative reports that I have chosen for their clarity and usefulness. They do not take the place of a personalized reading — but they are a budget-conscious alternative that offers a springboard to insight.

All these reports except the KidZone are available from my chart services page, or you may click on each report name (again, except KidZone) for more information and an order form.

All the links below are to electronic reports. If you prefer to order a paper copy and have it mailed to you, please email me for pricing. (That’s

For birth chart analysis

    Adults: The Merlin Report

    Children: The KidZone child potential analysis (choose this INSTEAD of the child report on my chart services page)

        NOTE: This child report is DIFFERENT from the one that you will see for sale if  you follow the links to purchase any of the other reports I offer. The child report offered on that page is shorter and does not synthesize the impact of aspects as KidZone does. It does, on the other hand, include nutritional recommendations. Before ordering a child report, I encourage you to compare the sample child reports and the sample KidZone reports.

KidZone child potential analysis, time of birth known, $16.95

KidZone child potential analysis, time of birth unknown, $14.95

KidZone Report

KidZone Report

For dogs:  The Canine Report (you must know the date of birth, so this is not suitable for shelter rescues)

For relationship analysis

    The Romantic Compatibility Report
    The Friends Compatibility Report

For families, groups and organizations

    I offer report packages with volume discounts. Please visit my Family Dynamics page for information and rates.

For a look at what’s coming up

   Starlight Solutions transit forecast