The Possibilities of Personal Astrology Consultations

Personal consultations are available by phone and in person in the New York City area and other locations depending on my travel schedule. Topics could include:

  • What’s Happening?: Uses current transits and progressions to identify areas and time windows of opportunity and challenge
  • Birthday: Uses current transits, progressions and solar return chart to identify areas and time windows of opportunity and challenge, with a focus on the coming year
  • Family Dynamics: Explores a family’s theme(s), personality and mission and how the individuals interact. Pets included on request (birth date is necessary).
  • Relationship Dynamics: Explores the interaction between two individuals and the purpose and themes of the relationship. Can be romantic, business, family or friendship.
  • Parent and Child: Explores the emotional needs and communication styles on both sides, how the parent can nurture and guide the child, and what the child triggers and awakens in the parent
  • Special Pals: Explores the relationship between a person and his/her canine companion.
  • Therapist’s Aide: Identifies and explores core psychological issues and possible resolutions
  • Turning Point: Combines an analysis of current transits with Tarot to navigate times of change
  • Business: Business planning, decision making, partner evaluation
  • Picking a Date: Selects an auspicious time for an event (such as starting a business or getting married)

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Looking for a gift, or on a budget?

My astrological interpretative report services interpret birth charts (for dogs, even!), relationship, three-month forecasts, and solar return (birthday charts) – now featuring Family Dynamics report binders, for insight into family members and their interrelating.