Astrology Services

cat with laptopConsultations explore what is happening inside and outside of you.  What kinds of influences, opportunities and challenges are here or coming. What you can and want to do about the concerns you bring. We may talk about the role of other people, but I bring everything back to you.

Read my policies. By booking a session, you are agreeing to them.

Private consultations

Sessions address the focus you choose. If you don’t specify, we will talk about what’s being activated in your chart now and for the next 6-12 months.  (Here are some possibilities, or tell me what you need. All scroll down for my targeted Money Code and Relationship Code readings.)


  • Individual sessions
    • Regular session / 60 minutes: $250
    • Shortened session / 45 minutes: $200
    • Quickie session / 30 minutes (no advance preparation): $125
  • Relationship sessions
    For a couple / 60 minutes: $300
    • For more than two people, contact me for pricing

When you order, please give your birth date, place and time (as close as you know it; unknown is okay) and whether you prefer evening or daytime. I will email you to schedule your appointment after I receive your order.

See options and prices

I offer service packages for existing clients, and also a number of special types of services available to anyone. Scroll down for all!

For existing clients

Monthly Check-in


  • Three 30-minute sessions: $320 prepaid
  • Six 30-minute sessions: $600 prepaid

Monthly 30 minute sessions talking with me about how you’re faring with the energies or simply the dynamics and wiring of your birth chart. I do no chart or forecasting preparation. These packages are available to clients who have had a session of at least 45 minutes since January 2016 (or otherwise okayed by me). Packages are nonrefundable.

Quarterly Report


  • Four 60-minute sessions: $850
  • Four 45-minute consultations: $680

Check in every calendar quarter for an astrological consultation at a package rate. Especially suited to businesspeople, but appropriate for anyone who wants to stay on top of (and benefit from) personal astrological opportunities and challenges. Packages are nonrefundable.

Special services (for all y’all!)

Choosing a date

If you want to schedule an important event, I can help you narrow options (which is sometimes ruling out the worst ones).

RATES: The price depends on the length of time you want me to research. Email me to discuss.

Understanding your money code


  • Learning your code (30 minutes): $150
  • Your code + what this year is bringing (60 minutes):  $250
Your birth chart shows how you’re wired for attitudes about money, your  earning capacity and your self-worth. Learn your code and how to work with it consciously—and express it in other ways.This method is also useful for exploring your relationship wiring. Let me know if you’d prefer that approach.

See options and prices

Unlocking your relationship code


  • Exploring your code (45 minutes): $200
  • Your code + what this year is bringing (60 minutes): $250

Your birth chart shows how you’re wired for attitudes about relationships. A session explores your wiring, including the patterns you picked up in childhood, your relationship rule book and your emotional needs. We’ll also look at how to work with your wiring consciously—and express it in other ways.

See options and prices

Birthday Video Readings

Personalized five-minute video highlighting the big themes of the upcoming year for the lucky recipient of your gift. “One of the best gifts I’ve ever received!” Learn more
RATE: $75

See options and prices

Computerized interpretations

Interpretative reports

About a birth chart, a relationship or what lies ahead. Chosen for their clarity and usefulness. Learn more

Family Dynamics Books

An encyclopedia of astro-information about your family! Learn more