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Storytelling Astrology in the News: My next series of talks looking at the astrology of events and prominent people. All include a recording, so sign up even if you can’t attend in person.

  • The UK Royal Family in 2021. 5 PM ET Sunday March 7. $25, with a $5 credit toward the Women in Power talk.
  • Women in power around the world.5 PM ET Sunday, March 21. $25 unless you have a credit from a previous talk in the series.

December 2020 solstice + 2021 overview talk
The solstice astrology sets the tone for the next 3 months — and this time, sets up all of 2021. Learn about the energies, opportunities and challenges that are in store – including the monumental change energies that launch and roll out in 2021. Now in the shop!

What History Tells About a Post-Pandemic World. For more hints of what’s coming, I’m interviewing Heather E. Quinlan, author of Plagues, Pandemics and Viruses: From the Plague of Athens to COVID-19. We’ll be discussing how specific plagues affected society while they were raging and the cultural transformations and benefits that followed (spoiler: one aftermath completely changed thought) — and project what might be in store for us. Free. 7 PM ET Monday, December 28 via Facebook Live at the Empowerment Unlimited page (and afterwards on video).

Change Your Thinking; Change Your Life: The Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses of 2020-21
The current eclipses are resetting what goes in & out of our minds & mouths. Learn the themes & issues, with specifics for each sign. Includes recording. Now in the shop!

How To Read Tarot Without A Book. 
Jump start your reading abilities! Now in the shop!

Reclaiming Your Energy
How to separate from other people’s energy (emotions, drama, agendas, you name it) and enjoy some calm and grounding despite the pandemic. About 60 minutes; free. INTRO to listed below under Courses

Saturn in Aquarius: Power of the People? Taskmaster Saturn has moved into the community-minded, progressive and intellectually fixed sign Aquarius. He’ll be there from late March until the beginning of July 2020, then return at the December solstice for nearly three years. This talk explores what this means for you, for society and for selected nations.

  • You’ll learn trends based on events that occurred during Saturn’s transits through Aquarius in the 20th century (spoiler: lots of firsts in public roles for women).
  • You’ll get a timeline of Saturn’s movements so you can watch for it in your own chart.
  • And you’ll get a look at what’s shaping up for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Russia, China and  more — plus the charts, so you can track Saturn’s effects as they play out.

$30. Click the link in the talk title to buy this in the shop.


Storytelling Astrology

I will offer when there’s enough interest– let me know if you’re interested!

Learn how to find the storyline(s) in a chart, from the star to recurring characters to plots and episodes.  This course immerses you in the approach & techniques that make my consultations and forecasts so accurate. (See Testimonials.) Basic understanding of astrology recommended. More information.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Building Blocks of Chart InterpretationThe basics of chart interpretation:  the elements, qualities, signs, houses and each major placement (Sun, Moon, Ascendant and the planets). Designed as a refresher for people who are somewhat familiar with astrology but want a firmer footing. Also works as an introduction for newcomers.6 sessions (video, audio and presentation slides)
Was $297 live; now $149
After I receive confirmation of your order I will send you information for downloading the files. 

Mercury Intensive

A back-to-basics look at Mercury in the signs, houses and by aspect, focusing on what his placement in a birth chart shows about how a person takes in information, thinks, talks and gets around. mp3, $48, available for download in the shop.

Available On Demand

Working With the MoonThe moon cycles through four distinct phases every month, from new to full and back again. You’ve seen them in the sky; now learn how to work (and play!) with them. This single-session class includes:

  • What the phases are
  • What activities are best for each phase
  • How each zodiac sign affects the new and full moon
  • Tips for creating simple rituals for the new and full moon

Available here: