Why Hire Me?

I am articulate, funny, playful, blunt, perceptive and compassionate. I use big words, but I won’t talk above your head.

You invite so many levels of experiencing what you’re sharing.

I have a great laugh, a passion for exploring symbolic meaning and a knack for delivering insight with real-world applicability.  Sessions with me are generally entertaining, sometimes reassuring, and always thought-provoking, practical and useful.

Your wisdom on so many levels combined with your level headed practical “in the world” advice and perspective was really powerful.

I’m one of the most versatile advisers (and people) you’ll ever meet.  My uncommonly varied life experience means I have a personal understanding of most of the situations, challenges and issues clients bring  — whether that’s decoding relationship signals, dealing with job or family politics, running a business, wearing out from care-giving, wising up to someone’s addiction, grieving a death, feeling stuck or wondering if you were born on the wrong planet. 

Her information sheds light into the ‘whys’ behind behavior and circumstances and she offers exceptional guidance on how to address, combat or transmute dynamics.

I do not and will not make decisions for you, though I will recommend dates and times for specific actions, if you ask. I take the focus off blame and other people and keep the discussion on you, your options and your tools. That’s why I call my site Empowerment Unlimited.

I am left with a peaceful strength knowing that I am ready for whatever adventure life may next present. 

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