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I’ve had readings before, but never like this one. Kathy Biehl’s level of attunement goes beyond what I’ve experienced in the past. When I left our online session, I felt calmly understood, fiercely validated, and gently challenged in equal measure. Highly recommend.
— Pamela Milam

The only psychic this skeptic would ever trust! — B.N.

Kathy’s reading was the best I ever had in my life. (full review here).
— Marianne Cristiano-Ristretta

Profoundly accurate…Your reading has been life changing for me. It gave me much needed hope for solid things and it delivered!

— R.D.

Great communicator, concise, clear, super articulate and really nailed everything on point. I’m the child of two pro astrologers and Kathy really knows her stuff! Thank you Kathy! Now I feel supported, and more grounding to maneuver through the exciting shifts!
Katherine Glass

POW! BAM! SPARKLE SPARKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kathy IS the real deal!!! I have never ever had a REAL astrological reading before until now. Kathy is brilliant. She articulates the information in a personable, fun loving, educational and where necessary, serious manner. The show stopper for me was how clever and accurate the delivery of the reading was, as it was a total validation for me. SPOT on!! Well done and from the depths of my core…THANK you girl. WOOT WOOT!!!
Deborah Livingston

I have been on fire since my business astrology reading. It triggered something in me and brought so much clarity and integration. Your ability to express yourself is phenomenal. I have met a lot of people and it takes me a long time to be impressed by someone. I am in awe.
Tzveta DaVinci

It is the best astrology reading I ever had.
—Colleen Kempf

Kathy Biehl infuses utter brilliance into her astrological interpretations and readings. She crystallizes a lawyer’s subtlety, an artist’s sensitivity, and a philosopher’s vision into analyses that remind me of classic treatises by renowned psychotherapists or academics – yet all with a groundedness that is clear and makes practical sense. I can’t imagine my life without her insights.
—Irene C, 2016

Your words ride a gentle but lucid current right to the heart and brain.
—Claudia Salter

I couldn’t believe how you pegged a timeline in my life.

Your wisdom on so many levels combined with your level headed practical “in the world” advice and perspective was really powerful.
— J. Stuart Moore

You are beyond amazing, and have brought me such a sense of peace. I cannot thank (or recommend) you enough!!!
—L. R.

I’m not sure why I’m surprised anymore, but it is consistently amusing and awesome (in the literal sense of the word) when what you say will happen really does happen. Again.
— Leah Davis

Here’s what an attorney client sent me after receiving a gift of Kathy’s fabulous consultation:

“Thank you! That is one cool gift – the astrological consultation I received notice of. I’ll be scheduling shortly and cannot wait to see what happens. I have never done anything like that before, I can feel energy running through just thinking about it.”

I didn’t want to send just any gift, I wanted it to be as unique as my clients are. Kathy’s unique style and love of working with people make her services a terrific gift, even for people who would never think of buying an astrological consultation for themselves!
— Barbara Nelson, Business Coach,

Have you ever just known you had made the right connection? I ‘met’ Kathy on a listserve for solo attorneys – it never occurred to me that along with her many talents as a legal researcher and writer that she was also a gifted astrologist. The reading she did for me was fun, enlightening, and spot-on. She is my go-to-gal for all guidance in all things personal and business (and she’s a wonderful friend!)
— Pamela the Paralegal

Kathy’s readings are not only accurate, but comforting and helpful. Through her marvelous, finely tuned skills, she imparts wisdom. I am left with a peaceful strength knowing that I am ready for whatever adventure life may next present. …..
— D.F., New Jersey

Thank you so much for the “Money Code” reading. It was very insightful and helped me to look at myself, my actions, feelings about money and how and why I have chosen different paths in my life. It confirms the past and present and helps to explain some of my past career decisions and relationships with people at work. I took notes and will use this information to help me make more beneficial choices for me in the future.

I now feel very energized and more confident about myself and my work.
— Carol Curro, Houston, TX

I love Kathy Biehl’s insight. Her information sheds light into the ‘whys’ behind behavior and circumstances and she offers exceptional guidance on how to address, combat or transmute dynamics. Kathy provided me with a different perspective on my son’s unusual and recurring mercury retrograde behavior. I think using astrology to better understand our children makes all the sense in the world. Parents and their children will benefit greatly from working with Kathy.
— Christine Agro, The Metaphysical Feminist