Forecast testimonials

You are talking to me in EVERY FORECAST lol
— JR

Genius; a sermon at the same time, with mercy built into it…!
— YouTube subscriber

You hit the nail on the head EVERY damn time!!
— YouTube subscriber

Poetess in the Language of the Stars.
— YouTube subscriber

Blown away by your podcasts.
— Facebook follower

By far, hands down, Kathy, you ARE the best.
–YouTube subscriber

You have true divine feminine insight!!
— YouTube subscriber

Ridiculously accurate.
—Doug Kaminski

No other astrologer I have ever met (& I’ve interviewed hundreds) has Kathy’s ability to share astrological truths with such practical, usable what does this REALLY mean for me (& us) advice. She’s so cosmically “down to Earth”.. and delightfully deep, yet entertaining . Also…Wise, witty, and wonderful!
— Karen Stover

I love your balanced; grounded and magical, intellectual reasoning and modern archetypal references, humor and wisdom all rolled into one!
Patreon supporter

Beyond ridiculously accurate.
—E. H.

Très vraiment! Très Delphique.
—Kelley Loftus

Damn you and your spot on abilities.
—Jessica Phelan

Somewhere between a master storyteller and late-night at the improv.
Donna Woodwell

Sometimes I feel that everything you say/write in your Astro-insight forecasts, is like if it was only for me.
—Nancy from Mexico

Kathy, you’re a steamroller of incredible knowledge, insight, inspiration and truth; all wrapped up in a magical storyline which always plays out perfectly. Yes, you definitely seem to me, a direct descendant of Merlin.

Life changing, course setting, monumental mile markers 💖 . I remember the very 1st one I read. I absorbed, shared, came back and read and even read again months later and do that periodically because I could even more deeply see exactly how things had unfolded. As they say “the proof is it the pudding”…and that’s why I look for your forecasts ever since —Wendy Kay

Every bit of your Astro-Insights are always word for word, spot on.
Justin C. Mullins

I am in utter awe of your abilities! I’m actually freaking out about the last week or so. You are NEVER wrong. Ever. Like…ever.

Bull’s eye on my soul.

Uncanny… truly inlined with exactly where I am/whats going on…

I love the way you explain the astrological events in terms of everyday life, and I listen to the podcast faithfully for my own sanity but I find that the big picture insights you provide are very useful, both in advance, and in retrospect, when we are all going through a major trend.

Your podcasts and reports have been accompanying me over the last 1 1/2 years and served as a steadfast and comforting anchor, pacifying my monkey mind a little every time, when things were painful, turbulent and oh-so-all-over the-place in my life.

I am always mind-blown and even more enthused for life after listening to your weekly piece!

It continually amazes me how right on the nose you always are.

Your insights and horoscopes are the best in the business bar none. You have been on point on every extended horoscope I have read. You are completely dialed in, your gift is pure, your messages stunning, and your writing style is fabulous. You are funny and provocative and your pace and syntax, metaphors and turns of a phrase are just flawless. You are the real deal. You have quite a gift. You are quite a gift.
—Alison Shields

Kathy is a truly gifted astrologer and an incredible writer and communicator. She’s basically a force of nature….
—acupuncturist star seeker

Your forecast for today was amazingly, fuckingly, annoyingly accurate.

Your AstroInsight just rocks! It may be the only thing that has kept me sane!
—Val Stinson

I love your sight and your “insights” with a, this is the way it is people, attitude….You are the “new voice” in all the clutter…THANK YOU.
—Jan H.

Kathy is always so right on it’s incredible.

Humor, insight and intelligence abound!
—NJ Aquarian

I don’t know what I’d do without your weekly forecasts. I have a copy on my kitchen table..a copy in my car and often a copy in my purse …I refer to it frequently each day all week to explain the “changes” I encounter…’s my bible you could say…
—Linda Kammer, NY

Your insights literally affect my everyday life – thank you.
—Irene C.

In today’s accelerated bumpy times, it is reassuring to have an astrological forecast that not only enlightens one to what is on the daily horizon, but also provides tools, tips and guidelines to fare the hurdles and challenges of life.
—student of astrology

I appreciate your work, and your style of interpretation. It also seems to hit it right on the head for me personally. I follow several astrologers, and must say, I find myself reading yours first, and definitely consulting it thru the week….Your style is clear, and easy allowing me a fast consultation.

I have been listening to your Astro Insights for the week ahead, and I have to tell you how grateful I am for them. Your commentaries and forecasts are amazingly on point and unerringly insightful. You also have a really unique way of making the information simultaneously funny and exciting. And I always learn something new about the incredible science behind the mystery and the magic. It’s a real gift you have, thanks for sharing it.

I want to compliment you on your writing. I just finished reading the weekly weather report. not only is it right on, it is eloquently written. much of what is out there isn’t!
—Peggy B.