About Kathy

“Professional Aquarian” is the shorthand for my multiple self-employment tracks, which have coexisted on a bridge between intuition and the rational mind for more than 30 years.

photo by Suzanne Savoy
Photo by Suzanne Savoy

I am a professional astrologer, psychic and Tarot adviser who helps individuals and business owners make decisions and better understand (and laugh about!) themselves, their options and the people in their lives. I have pursued astrology since junior high, read the Tarot since high school and studied formally at the Houston Institute of Astrology and in workshops with leading astrologers across the country.

I won Best Astrologer in the OMTimes Media 2022 Ommie Awards, as well as a Community Award for my OMTimes Radio show Celestial Compass. I am a tested and verified member of Best American Psychics, which gave me its 2018 Awesome Accolades Award! (Plus Psychic of the Month for January 2020 and December 2013 and Psychic of the Week for August 28, 2023, February 14, 2022, January 25, 2021, December 2, 2019 and June 18, 2018.) I’m also trained in mediumship, at the Institute for Spiritual Development. In addition to teaching Tarot, astrology, empathic energy management and related metaphysical topics, I teach, design, lead and produce guided meditations for relaxation and personal growth.

I bring to my counseling my diverse life experience as an attorney, a small business owner, a performing artist and a writer.

My background with the LGBTQ community

I host the show Celestial Compass on OMTimes Radio on the first and third Mondays of the month at 5 PM ET. I am a regular contributor to OM Times and was a founding contributor to Astrology Hub. I have written about astrology for a variety of regional, national and online publications. In addition to forecasts, monthly horoscopes and Kidscopes, I’ve done canine forecasts for Dogster.com and food trend predictions for My Table magazine. I was Cosmopolitan’s resident astrologer at the Austin and Houston stops on the magazine’s 1997 Fun Fearless Female college tour, and for a couple of years in the late 90s I was the Oracle Corporation’s oracle at its Houston holiday parties.

color photo of Kathy Biehl in red jacket

I am a lawyer whose practice in New Jersey and Texas concentrated on small business matters, contracts and writers’ rights.  A large portion of my career has been devoted to representing nonprofit arts groups, gay couples and people with AIDS. I’ve taught business law (at Rice University), legal writing (U. of Houston Law Center) and seminars on self-employment. I created and co-owned Metaphysiques, a Houston-based aerobics and meditation class center and tape producer, as well as two indie record labels. I am also a singer and actress who has performed classical and choral music, played Houston’s acoustic circuit, done sketch comedy and acted in NYC, Texas and New Jersey theater and lots of video and indie film. (Behold my IMDb.com page! And my career highlight, the NY Times Critic’s Pick Off-Broadway revival of I’ll Say She Is!)

A long-time freelance writer, I have covered food, off-beat travel, bars and restaurants, general interest features and legal matters for lay and law audiences, and won awards from the Association of Food Journalists and the Houston Press Club. My finds and musings also appear sporadically in the Compendiblog (chronicling and commenting on real-life weird), the food and drink blog Moon in the 6th, and Cafe Compendium. My latest book Eat, Drink & Be Wary: Cautionary Tales explores the joys, quirks and questionable behavior that food and drink inspire.

Since you’ve bothered to read this far, I’ll treat you to some fun facts.

  •  I made my TV debut on my fourth birthday singing “I’m A Little Teapot”

  • I make killer salted chocolate caramels

  •  I love mimetic architecture and wind-up toys (care to guess my moon?)

  •  My first book was about Internet legal research

  • My favorite ice cream flavors are pistachio, Cherry Garcia and my homemade Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

  • I have a celebrity nephdog (in spirit)

Awesome Accolades
Best American Psychics Feedback: 'Having a reading with Kathy was like nothing I have ever experienced EVER. She picked up on so much that was going on in my life. Sweet. Professional. In fact, very, very professional. She blew me away. Don't waste your time or money on anyone else.'