Astro-Insight for January 29 – February 4, 2024-t

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of January 29, 2024.

This week is really different. It’s kind of weird astrologically because there are only two major aspects all week long, but the first one is going to play out into July. Don’t fear this. This is a good thing.

Uranus, quick change artist, the enlightening awakening, catalytic change, agent of the Zodiac, unpredictable, tilting perspectives, showing things in a different light. The ruler of Aquarius, where Pluto is now in residence. Uranus has just stationed direct. It’s not gonna move off the degree of its direct station until the middle of March, until we are really getting into eclipse season, but this week it gets a power up.

Mars, the ruler of our drive, cosmic first responder Planet of action is in an easy flow of energy to Uranus. And this begins a really fascinating journey that I suggest you actually mark on whatever you use as a calendar.

Uranus’s direct station is for many of us, having the impact of something coming uncorked and suddenly being primed for change. Although the change may not be coming just yet. Mars collaborating with Uranus sets the process in motion, not particularly quickly. We’re talking earth signs here, and they go step by step. Nonetheless, this week begins with that Mars/Uranus trine and sets up a journey.

In February, Mars is going to meet up with the other cosmic change agent, Pluto, agent of unavoidable evolutionary change who’s hanging out this year, or for most of the year, in the sign that Uranus rules Aquarius, Mars and Pluto meet in Aquarius on February 14. That will in some way, even though it rationing at the moment, doesn’t seem like it could possibly have anything to do with it, but just humor me. That’s when you’re gonna start to see more of what is possible.

You will get a sense more of what Pluto and Aquarius means for you, but there will be, if you look for it, a connection February 14 to whatever gets knocked loose this week.

And then in the first weekend of July, Mars crosses the degree of Uranus’s direct station and solidifies, puts further action on claims. ’cause we’re talking Taurus here, the potential of what was unleashed this week when Mars trine Uranus.

So you’re gonna play connect the dots: January 29, February 14, first weekend in July, and get back to me.

The week is not all dollars and cents and figuring out our tax information, however, because there is an opening for a higher way of being, for, oh, I don’t know, escapism even for inspiration, for guidance, for messages coming through dreams and songs that you stumble upon.

Mercury, the ruler of our thought processes, our communication, how we get around is in a sextile or opportunity aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Now, Neptune’s been hanging out near the end of Pisces, not getting a lot of attention in talk lately because of so much dramatic activity going on involving other bodies, but Neptune’s there hanging out, diffusing things, dissolving some things, beaming down other worldly glitter and glamor and escapism.

So there are a number of ways this could play out. One could be invitations to buy into all kinds of misinformation and nonsense floating around in the media and social media. You know what to do with that.

But just as possibly information will come to you in non-logical, non-intellectual ways that could brighten your existence, that could make you feel connected to something bigger and greater than just your mundane life.

This is terrific for creativity, for relaxing, for escapism, for losing yourself in a movie or a book, and maybe just feeling a little calmer and more magical about life.

Homing Thought of the Week: Everything is falling into place.

Song of the Week: Pinball Wizard by the Who

And the Image of the Week is: Aa pool player racking all the balls, hitting the cue ball, breaking the pack, and clearing the table.

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