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This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of January 22, 2024.

Our Pluto in Aquarius orientation session is now beginning. We are on the brink of experiencing the new expression and allocation of power that will be with us until 2044. February brings a lot of information about what this means. For now, note how different the air feels, even if only subtly, and anything that you sense going on in yourself.

Many people had huge, powerful purges last week right before Pluto entered Aquarius. I know of a number of people who were rushed to the emergency room, and I hope everyone out there is, uh, settling in and doing alright.

So this week begins with our social mode, our interactions, relationships, desires, approaches to money and resources, moving into a very tangible, practical expression. Venus, the ruler of everything we value, enters Capricorn on the 23rd and focuses us on what’s really important down here, on priorities, on what we need and want that could have lasting value.

I call this “Santa Baby” territory. We want situations, people, goals, resources in our lives that have a lasting shelf life, that have durability, that will stay with us for the long while. And her being in this mode is a grounding influence as we just inch into what Pluto and Aquarius means and the activity of this week, which is enormous.

Her first moments in the sign put her in a very uncomfortable conversation with Pluto, who is her larger, greater unconscious counterpart in money and desire. Something is stirring within you that probably you don’t wanna look at. Something isn’t quite right in your life and you will do well to just face it, deal with it, get it outta your system, whatever it is. Perhaps this involves a choice. If there’s a triangulation situation in your life, it’s gonna come up with this.

Acknowledgement, validation, feeling like we’re seen and heard and are important. All of this comes to a big, big head with the Leo Full Moon on the 25th. The emotional dramas that crest now will show you another round of the review that we got during Venus’s last retrograde, which was in Leo.

Notice who gets you, who does not; who’s ignoring you, who’s trying to squelch you.? Gravitate toward the people and the situations that pump up your fire, that appreciate your fire. And do not waste your precious self on the people who don’t get you and get away from the people who are trying to put you down.

Taking care of yourself, taking responsibility for yourself is a theme of this, which will continue into the 26th as the sun has an uncomfortable meeting with Saturn, planet of adulting. And sometimes you just need to do something to take care of yourself.\

What you want, you want in a big way. You cannot be contained. It is really important to push your limits, to get yourself out as much as possible and not care about who gets you and who doesn’t get you. The Sun squares Uranus on the 27th and there is an almost buoyant, almost intoxicating love of self and need to just be who you really, really are.

And this comes with a palpable uncorking of energy because Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, the quick change artist of the zodiac, stations direct. It’s been hovering at 19 degrees Taurus for weeks. It will be there all of February. And even though it’s not noticeably moving forward yet, it is pointing forward and see if you don’t suddenly probably inexplicably feel like things are possible that haven’t been.

A flurry of walking your talk ensues. Mercury meets Mars. Thoughts immediately turn into action. It’s a huge impulse for manifestation. Know, remember, remember: energy flows where attention goes, thoughts create things, however you wanna put it. Pay attention to what your mind is doing because your will and your motivation and your actions will follow that.

And the time to get moving is now. Because with Uranus direct, we are in a stage of no retrogrades until April 1st. So you have two months and basically a week of nothing in the sky that you can blame for things not moving in your life. So go for it.

On the 28th, as the weekend builds to an end, there is a wowie-zowie combination that offers incentive to tie some situations down, to bring some form, maybe even commitment to something involving … hmm … relationship; a project, Venus sextiling Saturn. So Santa Baby is responding to the request; question is, do you notice it? Do you grab it?

And the way we look at things can change in an instant, too. Unusual thoughts, different perspectives, information that makes you go, “I didn’t think of that.” Mercury is trining Uranus. So we get the first return on what Uranus direct means and we suddenly see something, think of something probably wasn’t possible before or is only now going to be something you could move into place.

And what you want, you want, you want more, you want more, you want more. Because the two rulers of indulgence, Venus and Jupiter, are in cahoots. Ask for what you want. Open your heart to it, open your mind to it. Anything could happen.

Homing Thought of the Week: Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken — Oscar Wilde,

Song of the Week: I got two. I Gotta Be Me. Pick your artist of choice. Many people have recorded it. And Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

And the Image of the Week is: the Masked Singer unmasking to a reaction of delight.

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