Astro-Insight for January 15-21, 2024-t

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of January 15, 2024.

This is the week we go through the doorway into the next 20 years, but before we do, we have a lot of predicate action, a lot of foundational steps, a lot of business that is necessary to get in order before we get to the doorway like so much in life.

And the week starts with a couple of opportunities to, to bring a sense of higher purpose into what we’re doing, to ease up on ourselves a bit, treat ourselves with a bit of compassion to harness our imaginations and let them bring all kinds of possibilities into who we are and what we can do, and also calm our minds. Have you been on overdrive? Have you been working nose to the grindstone like you haven’t seen in a long, long time?

There is an opening this week to tie something down, to put some constraint on what you’ve been doing to stabilize information and agreement, maybe to feel like you are getting on top of a bunch of things, to perhaps organize all of the activities, all of the information, chaos that’s been going on around you.

These two openings come from se tiles, opportunity aspects, on the 15th between the Sun and transcendent Neptune, and on the 18th between Mercury and Saturn, the lord of adulting.

And just as we start to tie some things up and bring some order and fill out the little cells on our project management spreadsheets, more and more information flows in more and more practical information. More and more ideas, more and more possibilities, which are real, although there will be a bit of a wondering of, am I making this up?

Because on the 19th, Mercury, lord of communication, also how we get around, technology, trines —
easy flow — Jupiter, expansive Jupiter, Jupiter in “I want what I want. Give it to me now” Taurus, a planet of indulgence.

The other influence of indulgence. Venus is in a shoving match with her higher counterpart in creativity and love, Neptune. And you may sense an echo of whatever was up at the beginning of the week when the Sun sextiled Neptune. You may get an echo now of “I really want something more in my life. I want a piece of magic. I want something. Oh, I don’t know. I want something a little bit…oh, romantic maybe”. I mean, seriously, we can’t be all work 24 7.

This is all the buildup to the really big moment before we go through the doorway. The 20th is the huge action day of the week. Before we go through that doorway, there is more to purge, more to drop.
Something needs to go away to make us the right shape energetically, if not physically, to get through the doorway. And we’ll be feeling this one all week. You may have been feeling it for some time.

The Sun meets Pluto on the way out of Capricorn. Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn has been the gatekeeper of the exit door. Every planet changing signs has had a contact with Pluto before it changes signs. And now the Sun makes its final meeting with Pluto in Capricorn for our lifetimes, we will not experience this again.

Huge fears may come up; phobias may surface. We may find dark shadow parts of ourselves that really have no place in our lives anymore. If you’ve been trying to break a habit, instill new behaviors, change something about yourself, this is the psych that’s going to do it. This is the psychic surgery that will do it.

Some baggage must be dropped. It’s different for every single person. You know what has been rumbling around inside you. And once the Sun and Pluto meet, the Sun moves into Aquarius, and then Pluto follows for its second visit to the sign in our lifetimes.

Pluto in Aquarius is ushering in the generational power experience that we’re going to be having until 2044. We got an initial taste of it in 2023 from March 23rd to June 10th. See if you can remember what started feeling different about the atmosphere, different about your sense of your own personal power and possibilities, different about the role of technology. Gee, remember everybody trying to get an account to generate AI images at that time, and then chat, GPT and its companion bots just blew up all over the internet?

We are all being rewired for a different experience of power, personal power, collective power, our relationship to technology, all of this. It’s going to play out very, very slowly. And if the 20th comes and goes and we are moving into later in January and you find yourself thinking, I can’t point to anything that’s different in my life, just remember by mid-February by, oh, goody, get the date. Valentine’s Day you will.

Homing Thought of the Week: I embrace my personal power.

Song of the Week: Changes by David Bowie, who recently celebrated a birthday from the Beyond.

And the Image of the Week is: The moment when the cyclone stops in the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy opens the door and suddenly she sees this weird landscape in technicolor.

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