2024 Capricorn New Moon

feet in black running shoes going up steps

January 11, 2024
3:57 AM PST / 6:57 AM EST / 11:57 AM GMT
20 Capricorn 44

January brings us the new-yeariest New Moon we have seen in a long, long time.

Want to set goals? Real-world, practical, viable goals? That you might actually work on? That might actually grow? This Moon has the goods.

It’s not only in the project management zone of Capricorn, but it also has powerhouse company in the sign – and assistance from elsewhere as well.

Our orientation is very much on where we are and where we’re going, as well as how all that works physically. A majority of the sky is in earth signs, supporting the practicality and do-ability of inching forward now.

The New Moon is closing in on the Sun’s last conjunction in this sign with Pluto, which returns to Aquarius for a nine-month orientation session on January 20. There’s a strong sense of “it’s time” – for sweeping out the old, for tackling fundamental goals that have been lingering, and for stepping into a bigger, more empowered phase of personal evolution.

Action hero Mars in Capricorn delivers the motivation and elbow grease to get to work already. He’s gearing us for slow and steady action. (No sprints yet – they’re coming in a few months) He’s in moving-mountains mode, one pebble at a time.

Except … he – and we – might surprise us all. It could be that he’ll shove a pile of pebbles at once. His abilities are being assisted and amplified by an exact trine to Jupiter in Taurus. The great benefactor is resting on the degree of his direct station, adding to the atmosphere of having all the time in the world.

Except … Jupiter’s quest for more, more, more is going to make a lot of those action steps mushroom. (Workaholics, beware!) Actions are not likely to spiral out of control, though. A tempering influence is on offer.

It comes from Saturn, lord of order and planet of adulting, receiving a sextile from both Mars and Jupiter. A grounding cord is within reach; you just have to reach for it.

Make mature decisions; keep your eye on ultimate goals; and be certain to tend to your own physical needs. (These concepts are well worth weaving into your New Moon goals and intentions.) Watch for returns in early February, when Jupiter’s sextile to Saturn becomes as close as it will get.

Sound stodgy? Boring? It doesn’t have to be. Creativity, guidance and a sense of higher possibilities are on tap, via a sextile from transcendent Neptune to the New Moon. Direct them into the Capricorn ground and they will soften it, make it more malleable, and possibly remind us of why we’re striving.

And it probably won’t be. (Stodgy and boring, that is.) The Moon has propulsion not merely from Mars at the moment, but also as we trundle down the road.

Awakening, liberating Uranus is trine the Moon. The quick change artist is at the degree where he’ll station direct on January 27. Expect to see sudden, exciting and probably unexpected developments as he moves forward and completes the trine to the New Moon’s degree in March.

Use this New Moon to bring your vision down to physical reality. You’re building a launching pad for later in the year. Set it up now. You’ll be glad you did, soon enough.