Astro-Insight for December 25-31, 2023-t

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of December 25, 2023.

A lovely otherworldly influence is pervading pretty much everything this week: nostalgia, sweetness, escapism is giving people slack, taking time off. And for all of this, we can look to Neptune, the planet of transcendence from human earthly experience. It’s the source of divine love, inspiration, compassion. It rules poetry and dreams and delusion and magic. It softens everything it touches, whether that is the sense in our heads or our attitudes toward life and other people.

And on December 25th, Christmas Day, Neptune is pouring its boundless waters of interconnectivity directly into Venus, the ruler of our social mode, our attitude towards relationships and money and everything we value.

These two rulers of love and inspiration are in a trine on Christmas Day, which bodes incredibly well for an uncommonly sweet day. Perhaps sentimental, perhaps nostalgic, and with Pluto in his last weeks in the sign of Capricorn.

Yes, he does have cleanup work in Capricorn next fall, but this is the last time he’ll be in this sign during the end of the year holidays. There is very likely under this a cellular, an unspoken recognition of certain things in our celebrations happening for the last time in their current form.

Look for love in your life. Look for love in yourself. Look for love in the people with whom you are honored to share some time right now. If you’re a holiday orphan, go outside. Look at the clouds.

There is a high probability of a transcendent experience with this feeling connected to something far greater than your little earthly saga. And Neptune continues to beam into many, many aspects of our existence for the rest of the week, for the rest of the year.

Its softening energies already Have us tenderized for the week’s pivotal event, the most important one, astrologically the Cancer Full Moon on the 26th. The moon is in her home base of the sign of Cancer, ruling nurturing, nesting home, family, taking care of those we love, being concerned about security, the security of our base, the security of our home, and attachment to tradition.

The moon is in a beautiful flow with Saturn, planet of structure, of order, of commitment, of obligations, of adulting. Mommy Moon is in cahoots with the daddy figure of the skies. This combo has the potential to be extraordinarily stabilizing and helping us find where our footing is, where our actual roots are shoring up our sense of home and security and family, whether that is blood or chosen.

There’s always a possibility of separation and heaviness when Saturn’s in the picture. But the other softening and compassion stirring that Neptune is doing all week bode really well for this to be a moment of expressing gratitude and emotions and being ever so aware of your own inner child, your own need for nurturing and security. Maybe this is when you step up and you are both parents to yourself.

Mercury and Venus are having a little bit of discomfort as this happens. And that could play out as you speaking up for yourself, you actually voicing what it is you need, you actually telling someone that you care.

This could be a really mushy time. Wouldn’t be insulting to stick little travel packets of tissues in stockings. Great stocking stuffer this year. Put ’em in your car. Put ’em near your computer and your TV because stuff you watch is gonna have you tearing up. It’s just the way it is.

The 27th and 28th take these transcendent impulses and turn them into fuel for action. Mercury and Mars are both squaring Neptune, on the 27th and the 28th. You could confront lies. You could confront fantasy; you could confront gaslighting. You could be forced to find a softer, more compassionate way to think about something and to say something.

Mercury and Mars meet in a conjunction in the middle of this on the 27th, in between their two squares, and this fuses what you’re thinking and saying with what you are advocating and actually pushing forward.

This is a “walk your talk” formula. It’s also one that really advises you to watch what you are thinking about because that’s where your energy is going. And if part of this involves attacking a falsehood, attacking a lie, attacking gaslighting, you’ll be unified within yourself to go for it.

Also, because in the middle of Mercury and Mars’s links to each other and to Neptune, our sense of entitlement to have more in our lives and to get more in our lives, really, really ramps up by a trine between the Capricorn Sun and Jupiter in Taurus. So even if we’re unhinged a bit, even if we’re floating off in the clouds, even if we’re traveling time space continuum on nostalgia and memories, one part of us is acutely aware of the here and now and what’s going on in our tangible physical lives.

Cancer Full Moon is bringing to the surface what we really, really need in order to feel secure, nurtured and loved. The Sun/Jupiter trine one day later grounds all of that in what we absolutely want to have physically in our lives.

And then Mercury and Mars look at the illusions or the ideas that maybe have been stopping us that maybe really aren’t true, and then we go after them. And when this happens and opening comes for a desire to take a new streamlined raw shape,

Venus meets her counterpart in desire and money, Pluto, on the 29th in a sextile, which is an opportunity aspect. It opens a window. It opens a doorway. There is something that is perhaps on offer, something out around us, maybe in us. If we reach for it, if we accept it, then we can have it.

There may be a cutting away that comes with it, choosing, going for the thing that has the greatest meaning. It may bring an intensifying of a relationship and intensifying of a desire.

We’re dropping some level of baggage, and as soon as we do this, Venus scoots out the door and goes into “I wanna have a good time” mode. Venus enters Sagittarius on the 29th, inclining us to find the humor in things, to do fun things with people, to go outdoors, to have adventures, to chase for things, possibly intellectually, very likely involving interaction with other people, rekindling the holiday vibe just as we’re rolling into New Year’s weekend.

The sky then enhances the enjoyment of this time by suspending our experience of time. Jupiter stations direct on the 30th. Mercury will station direct on January 1. These two planetary stations, one of them in an Earth sign, are going to create the sensation of just being suspended in time.

Things are slow. Jupiter in Taurus, very happy place, very happy place for expansion. Paying attention to the here and now. Possibly there will be massive overeating, continuing the food focus of the Cancer Full Moon and the “I want what I want” focus of the Sun’s trine to Jupiter and then Jupiter sitting there in early Taurus just sitting, waiting. It’s not gonna move too quickly.

Enjoy it. The year following this isn’t going to move too quickly at first either, so enjoy the sensation of taking things slowly. This may make us feel that we have all the time in the world for the people and the activities to which we devote the last days of the year.

I wish you an amazing journey in 2024.

Homing Thought of the Week: Make me an instrument of thy peace

Song of the Week: Don’t Dream It, Be It from “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

And the Image of the Week is: Leftover cookies that you put out for Santa with a glass of the milk of human kindnes.

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