2023 Cancer Full Moon

stack of five cookies in front of a class mug with milk and straw

December 26, 2023
4:33 PM PST / 7:33 PM EST
December 27, 2023
12:33 AM GMT
4 Cancer 58 / 4 Capricorn 58

This tumultuous year comes to an end in the yummy, cozy comfort of the Cancer Full Moon.

This is the Moon’s base, encompassing home, family, tradition, nurturing, security – concepts that are especially in the air and on our minds during the holiday season.

This base is often a place of longing instead of actual comfort. Emotions run freer than freely in this sign. When they overflow, as happens when the Moon is full, they can crest into reading slights into behavior that may have nothing to do with you, excessive sentimentality, attachment disorders and separation anxiety, and using food as currency, or replacement, for love.

Maybe not so much this year. There is nothing the Moon craves more than security, stability, and caring for those she loves, and she has all that now.

This Cancer Full Moon has the support and stabilizing of Saturn, planet of structure, order, responsibility and adulting. Teaming effortlessly in the unbridled flow of a trine, cosmic Mommy and Daddy are working together – no absentee parenting here! – delivering milk and cookies, and much, much more.

Saturn provides containment for the emotional flow, directing it into purpose or goals, or possibly merely stability and calm. Acting maturely, taking care of others, and shoring up your home front does have the power to stabilize – whether that’s quelling out of control emotions or sinking pylons into the foundation of your home and life.

It’s possible that letting emotions out, even if you go overboard, could lead to receiving reassurance and, again, stability.

With Saturn in the all-connecting waters of Pisces, grounding may also come through doing for others, especially those less fortunate. Maybe we won’t go so far as to deliver our breakfasts to the needy, as Marmee makes Jo March and her sisters do in the first chapter of Little Women. Some of us will be inspired, however, to share our own home, or our traditions, or affection, or comforts. (Cookies, anyone?)

When Saturn’s in the picture, there’s always the possibility of separation, heaviness or depression, but that’s less likely when the Moon has a helpful link to bountiful Jupiter, as she does now. They’re in a sextile, an opportunity aspect, which opens a window or door onto abundance and resources.

The link encourages indulging. It also encourages recognizing, and settling into, having enough and the emotional security that can bring.

Share and you may find that you don’t feel like you have any less.

And you probably won’t be viewing reality all that clearly, either. Likely your gaze will be gauzy. Retrograde Mercury is squaring Neptune, softening the atmosphere, inclining thoughts and communications toward sentimentality, nostalgia and seeing the best in others.

True, this collaboration also heightens lying (even if only to ourselves), escapism and delusion. Since Mercury is retrograde, though, some of that could be historic, and the square could be forcing out past lies and more, in a way that brings them to our attention for addressing or rectifying now.

The Saturn/Jupiter links to the Moon, however, point to downplaying flaws, to viewing people and the past through romanticized lenses, and to adopting a forgiving, compassionate perspective.

Keep tissues at hand, even you with heavy air placements. It’s the last holiday season in our lifetimes with Pluto In Capricorn, and the sensse is palpable that this time of year will never be the same.

This promises to be one tender stretch. So when “Auld Lang Syne” comes around, don’t be surprised if you’re singing along, And meaning it.