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This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of November 13, 2023.

We’re still feeling the effect of the eclipses. The one that is easier to notice is the Taurus Full Moon lunar eclipse that happened just before Halloween, and it really plays into what’s going to happen this week. Everything feels deep and intense and high stakes. We’ve all got Spidey vision or X-ray goggles or sonar. We’re operating on something quite different than conscious, logical thinking, and we’re all getting ready to do something about the revelations and the endings and the decisions that we made around that Taurus full moon lunar eclipse.

This is the moving on point, the launching pad of where we’re going after the two year reevaluation of resources, values, and investments that happened in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio from November, 2021 till that Halloween weekend Full Moon lunar eclipse, and those deep, powerful realizations and revelations and motivations drive us through the entire week.

The first point is the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, which encapsulates and enshrines the new intentions and goals and motivations, and essentially launches the next new phase. Although you may not really feel forward movement until the end of the weekend, the New Moon comes with lightning and more revelations and epiphanies and insights and an awareness of chaoticness and disruptiveness somewhere in your world, possibly somewhere in your own psyche.

And that lights up the depths that you are exploring and using as the staging area for this next new phase. And this is coming from an opposition from the sun to Uranus, which is exact on the same day as the New Moon Watch for focus, not just intensity, but selectiveness, laser focus, selectiveness and perhaps fearlessness in the new starts and the next phases that you are now willing to launch. There’s a sense of “What do I have to lose? I’m just going to go for” fill-in-the-blank.

Conversations and messages and thoughts and perceptions that you pick up from the undercurrents do lead to some tweaking of at least how you’re thinking about how you’re going to go about all of this. When Mercury makes an adjustment aspect to Jupiter on the 15th, you may have a sense of “whoa, maybe I’m trying to do too much here. Maybe I should pare back.”

And then the time for action comes with the weekend, and this is likely not going to be premeditated plotted action with a spreadsheet or a punch list or a to-do list. The Sun and Mars are both in Scorpio, and they are each trining, which is an easy flow of energy with, Neptune on the 17th.

Guidance is flowing freely. Creativity from a source outside your conscious, logical mind is flowing freely. The higher potential of this is a knowingness and unquestioning knowingness of where to be and what to do.

It’s a being-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time influence. I’m reminded of a friend who years ago, soon after her mother died, was driving around her town and got a sudden urge to take a street that wasn’t on the path she was intending to follow that day, and then she saw a shop she hadn’t thought of walking into. So okay, she parked. She went in, and the front of the shop was filled with the favorite flower of her mother who had recently died.

That’s the sort of magical guided right place, right time, couldn’t possibly plan it with your mind if you tried influence that we’ve got going for us over the weekend. The Sun and Mars are traveling really close together when this happens. And on the 18th, they form a conjunction themselves, meaning that our concept of our self, our mission, and our drive completely unified.

No questioning, simply acting, expressing yourself, going for something intensely. Great focus, great efficiency is part of this as well, and these two days bring the movement forward, finally. Stuff startled you at the end of October; things left; people left; situations blew up. Certain aspects of your life and your family and your finances and your sense of wellbeing in this world got really, really shaken up.

And last week brought many opportunities to just take in what is going on, information, information, information, information. Okay? And now comes acting on it. Now comes moving forward, pushing ahead intuitively, easily going with the flow.

It’s not haphazard, it’s not reckless, it’s not spur of the moment. Whatever you find yourself doing, the motivation for that has been building inside of you, and now it simply flows.

If there is a particular issue you’ve wanted to get moving on a particular situation in your life you’ve wanted to move on, just point yourself in the direction and see where you feel like you should go, see what you feel like you should do. This should come without a lot of fuss or anxiety or overthinking or even thinking about it much afterwards except maybe to marvel.

Now, I will add one caveat. When the Sun and Mars trying Neptune, some vehicle for escapism could play a role. So those of you who escape into substances of some sort may find that the easiest and most natural thing to do at this point, and oddly, it’s probably gonna lead you exactly where you need to be. So no judgments here. Bongs, brownies, bottles of wine, overdosing on Hallmark channel holiday movies. doesn’t matter what, something that you get out of the situation fuels your forward motion.

Homing Thought of the Week: I go where I am guided.

Song of the Week: If You’re Going Through Hell by Rodney Atkins,

And the Image of the Week is: X-ray vision,

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