2023 Scorpio New Moon

underwater diver

November 13, 2023
1:27 AM PST / 4:27 AM EST / 9:27 AM GMT
20 Scorpio 43

The aftermath of October’s eclipses is still rolling out, rattling and reshaping reality well into next year. Their intensity continues with the first new moon in their wake, November’s Scorpio New Moon.

This one has us going deep, grappling with surprises, and taking targeted action. If something’s been on your radar for change, you’ve got support for moving on it – though movement may happen on its own accord, or timetable, or, it may feel, whim.

The Scorpio New Moon leads us into the undercurrents and underworld, into corners and hiding places, and into psyches and primal forces. These are powerful, spooky environments, filled with powerful, spooky influences. The navigational tools to get through them come with the sign; it imparts knowing and perception that are more cellular than conscious or intellectual.

This one has a response unit, with its traditional ruler Mars (planet of push and ruler of our drive) close by. New beginnings, next stages and fresh starts all benefit from his presence and unapologetic ruthlessness – paring them down; cutting out notions that are malformed, damaged or weak; applying laser focus to intentions, goals and movements forward.

This Scorpio New Moon also has built-in, if weird, illumination. Quick-change artist Uranus is tightly opposite, flashing unexpected light onto situations, zapping the waters – and us – with electricity or anxiety, disrupting perceptions and breaking our hold.

Be on the lookout for insight into your psyche, or the machinations of people around you, and particularly into the process of the past two years. This New Moon serves as a springboard for moving on from the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses.

They significantly reset your values, your resources, and your attitude about money, investments, and your own worth. The flashes from Uranus indicate more data is coming in now.

As they spark around you, from your updated vantage point, what business remains to tie up? What are next steps? What is your new motivation? Your new direction?

The line-up inspires doing some new, or taking action in a new way, or daring to face and tackle something that might have daunted or scared you earlier.

The tried-and-true is not the path ahead. Both cosmic change agents are stirring this New Moon – not only Uranus, agent of unpredictable change, but also Pluto, agent of unavoidable, evolutionary change.

Pluto is naturally simpactico with the Scorpio New Moon, because he, the lord of death and rebirth, is the sign’s modern ruler. It is also in a sextile with the New Moon, a link that opens doors and windows and possibilities for deep-level restructuring, and for responding tactically to the current state of foundations and institutions.

Pluto makes the assistance of non-mortal forces yours for the asking. Neptune, on the other hand, is simply pouring them into the cauldron. The flow comes from the Moon’s trine to the ruler of divine love (and all things unmoored from earthly existence). This current has the power to put you in the right place at the right time, to float secrets and data and possibilities into your awareness, and to guide your actions with precision, whether you realize what’s happening or not.

Knowing that the current is open, what might you do? One beneficial approach: infuse your New Moon goals and intentions with the homing thought “Lead me in the direction that’s most beneficial, and make the signals so strong I get them.”