November 2023

colored plumes of smoke rising from water

October’s eclipses aren’t done with us yet. Relationships are reconfiguring; high-stakes secrets are coming to light; and answering for ourselves is increasingly unavoidable.

The hubbub makes for intensity and volatility, yet beneath the furor a baseline remains in place that’s paradoxically firm and flexible. Look for it and you may detect order closing in on chaos, with unyielding reminders that actions have consequences and exactly that is on the way. Reminders and consequences alike flow from Saturn, planet of structure and order, moored at the first degree of Pisces for the month, and stationing direct November 4.

Relationships, desires and how we treat each other provide one month-long story line. That begins with the disparity between reality and illusion, as Venus opposes Neptune November 3. For some, the ideal is frustratingly out of reach; for some, the pull is between healthy boundaries and relationships, on one end, and the lure of deception or magical thinking or making excuses on the other. Resolution of the tension comes by month’s end, when an inconjunct btween the same planets requires adjustments November 30.

Along the way, all things heart-related intensify, and some drop away, when Venus trines her counterpart in desire and money, Pluto, on November 6. Reconfigurations, choices and goodbyes happen organically; some desires and attractions become irresistible on a nonrational, nonconscious, cellular level.

After that sharp refocus, playing nice returns to the table from the 8th on, when Venus enters her literate, harmony-loving home of Libra. Reminders about responsibilities, commitments and consequences greet us on her arrival, via an inconjunct to taskmaster Saturn.

Back to Saturn: As he stations direct November 4, lightning pierces the water and disrupts its stillness. The flash lights up surprises that we can’t quite act on, but only stare at, as messenger god Mercury opposes quick-change artist Uranus.

Stirrings in the undercurrents remain a huge factor for the first 10 days of the month. We’re exploring secrets and power and fallout from Halloween’s eclipse. What’s unspoken is more important than what’s said. Intuition and knowing are especially high November 4, when Mercury trines dreamweaver Neptune (yes, the same day as Saturn’s direct station). A path opens November 8 to monumental truths and secrets, if we will only follow it, when Mercury sextiles evolutionary change agent Pluto.

For the rest of the month, all our communication channels – thoughts, words, conversations, news, social media and more – fly out of the depths and head for the far reaches of the universe. Mercury emerges into optimistic, adventuresome Sagittarius November 10. This sign encourages joking, jingoism and “my way or the highway,” but these approaches immediately hit limits, tempered by Mercury’s square to stabilizing, no-nonsense Saturn. Organize your thoughts; be mindful of the impact of words – and their ramifications.

A stunner stops us in our tracks November 11, when action hero Mars opposes Uranus. Lightning once again pierces the depths and lights up sudden developments and shocking revelations, which put the pause button on forward motion. They flow into the Scorpio New Moon November 13, which mixes the Uranian jolts and disruptions into our goals and intentions.

Spidey senses kick in November 17, which have us operating on inner navigation systems or divine intervention. Once Mars meets the Sun the next day, we’re ready to get going but good. Pathways to fierce, focused power open when the pair sextiles Pluto November 20 and 21.

Urges then surface to get out of the house (and the depths) and to mingle, make light, and have a good time. A holiday atmosphere arrives when the Sun and Mars follow Venus into Sagittarius November 22 and 24.

As we fly into the month’s final 10 days, we’re at a full gallop that’s challenging to control. Still, squares from the Sun and Mars to cautionary Saturn will force cooling our jets. Any hurdles, obstacles, or stop signs are assists from the cosmos, no matter how frustrating or inconvenient.

The usual holiday advisory holds true for Thanksgiving gatherings: don’t talk about politics or religion, or consequences will ensue. Besides, a square from Mercury to Neptune’s fog machine is filling the air with clouds and clouds of fantasy, lies and delusion, at the chatty Gemini Full Moon November 27. Head for the fantasy. You’ve earned some fun. Take it.