2023 Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

woman's hands holding gold wrapped candies Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

October 28, 2023
1:23 PM PDT / 4:23 PM EDT / 8:23 PM GMT
5 Taurus 09 / 5 Scorpio 09

October’s emphasis on relationships culminates in highly charged questions of ownership and control. The cause is the Taurus Full Moon, a lunar eclipse, just in time for Halloween, shedding light on our goodie bags and inspiring us to hold tight to some contents – and toss out others.

The event is bringing more than a moon cycle to a head. It’s wrapping up the evaluation of money and resource issues the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses have been stirring for the past two and a half years. Who owns what? Who controls what? What’s mine? What’s yours? What’s ours? Who contributed what? How do we share?

The answers include surprises. And lead to definitive endings.

A full moon always heightens drama and emotions, which become supersized when a lunar eclipse is involved. The Taurus Full Moon focuses on the here and now, rather than potential or promises, with a preference for tangible, reliable comfort and security.

This Moon sees our hold on them (or their hold on us) growing more and more rigid, because of the size of its honor guard in fixed signs — Jupiter in Taurus, widely conjunct the Moon (and even more widely conjunct Uranus), opposite Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, widely conjunct the Sun. Inner Gollums are rampaging, clutching their baubles and muttering, “My preciousssssss.”

Revelations and departures are always features of a lunar eclipse. This one is delivering intel about yourself, your possessions, and your values, as well as situations and people you’ve trusted or been involved with. (Not to mention what this eclipse is exposing in the collective. Best to wear protective gear when approaching news these days.)

Mercury and Mars are dredging up all kinds of muck, heavy on deep, dark, dirty secrets and power plays. Jupiter’s opposition to the pair guarantees that the revelations and slamming doors will be huger than huge, some of them gob-smackers, some of them looming like distorted shadows in a horror film.

It’s high stakes. People are going to be really really grabby – and really really unforgiving. (Well, maybe not entirely; hold that thought.) As they did in the Libra solar eclipse, the Sun and the Moon are widely squaring Pluto and his unavoidable change mandate, this time out of sign and with the luminaries squeezing him from opposite directions.

The pressure makes us acutely aware of emotional treasures and costs, and of the tangible ones as well. We’re primed for change – at least, for some of it. Wherever the process of the past two years lands us, it feels inevitable and permanent.

Some changes are sudden. An eclipse is volatile, and that’s exaggerated now, with Taurus’ ruler Venus in a trine to Uranus, agent of unpredictable change.

The link disrupts the old and throws weight to the new. Objects, situations, relationships may become meaningless, or worthless, in an instant. Their appeal or our attachment may snap. Novel, unexpected desires, connections or creative or financial possibilities may open up in a flash.

The upshot: the air will be filled with people announcing “over it!” to many a long-standing situation, and “well, hellooooo, there!” to many a new one.

Despite the chaos and the volatility, the potential is high for understanding the why behind much of it, and possibly for compassion as well. That comes from Neptune’s ongoing sextile to Pluto. Unmoving assistance from the planet of dreams and highest love has the power to soften the harshness of Pluto burrowing into the structures of Capricorn, and cushion the impact of the squares to him from the Full Moon and the nodes.

Logic and emotion, mind and heart are demanding evolutionary change in institutions and foundations. Likewise, the tension between outmoded ways of relating (the Libra south node) and the path to the future (the Aries north node) is demanding evolutionary change in institutions and foundations. Neptune is offering a way to go about that gently and lovingly. And maybe the sensation that divine guidance is at work amid the chaos as well.