2023 Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse

solar eclipse ring of fire

October 14, 2023
10:55 AM PDT / 1:55 PM EDT / 5:55PM  GMT
20 Libra 08

Relationships are resetting under this month’s Libra New Moon. It’s a solar eclipse, the second in the Aries/Libra series that is upending previous ways of interacting and shifting focus to the individual. This one rebalances and rewrites ground rules for specific connections, as well as for how we operate in general.

The process is organic, inevitable and forceful but civil (at least, on the surface). Although the playing out will no doubt bring surprises, the basic trends and directions aren’t unexpected, if you’ve been paying attention. They grow out of influences that have been at work for the past few months.

Think of it as installing a new operating system. When than happens with a phone or computer, the device goes dark and shuts down. Changes occur outside your vision. The device reboots on timing you can’t control and when it comes back, basics are different: the interface, the placement of icons, some applications gone and some new ones installed.

In much the same way, the eclipse is updating relationships and our approach to them, to support current conditions and our recently enhanced sense of self. Some features of the past will go: some situations, some agreements, some specific relationships. Some of the updates fill space created by departures; some of the updates require or force departures.

This eclipse is annular, which means the Moon is not completely blotting out the sun, but creating a corona effect, or ring of fire. (Will that turn out to be symbolic? Watch and see.) It will be visible from the US Pacific Northwest through the Southwest, across Central America and into South America. (The National Park Service has a map showing this month’s path as well as that of the total solar eclipse coming in April 2024.)

In the sky, the eclipse occurs within a noteworthy framework. All of the inner planets – communication agent Mercury, social director Venus and action hero Mars – have all recently changed signs and moved into different modes of expression than what we’ve been experiencing. Mercury has left the sign of his recent retrograde, detail-oriented Virgo, and is now in Venus’ relationship-and-arts-focused home of Libra. Venus has left Leo, the sign of her summer vacation  – and long retrograde – and taken on earth mother, fix-it duties in Mercury’s earthy home of Virgo. (Because each is in the other’s home, the pair is in a relationship called mutual reception, which means that anything that happens to one resonates with the other.) Mars has left Venus’ Libran turf for the power, secrets and intrigue of Scorpio, whose ruler is currently involved with the Moon. And Venus and Mars have their own special flavor of cahoots as well, traveling now in the cooperative potential of a sextile.

Their interplay assures that this new moon’s plantings will be deliberate and anything but quiet. Goings-on will proceed with a great deal of thinking and messaging, conversing and negotiating, with Mercury conjunct the New Moon. His contact promises speeches and songs for the comings and goings, instead of the usual disappearances and materializations.

New seeds and big developments come with pressure, raw survival instinct, and a sense of inevitability, from the Moon’s wide square to evolutionary change agent Pluto. Amplifying the volatility (and the futility of resistance) is a trine to Pluto from the other cosmic change agent, radical awakener Uranus.  He’s angling for adjustments in relationships, via an inconjunct to the Moon. Neptune is doing the same from an otherworldly, inspired vantage point. Credit these two planets if you sense a cosmic finger pushing and poking and pointing the way. One actually is, from the Finger of God they’re forming pointing to the Moon.

You’re no longer the person who entered into a lot of the relationships and agreements you’re currently in.  A lot of the terms and conditions no longer fit you; a lot of them no longer fit the world as it has become. (See, for example, the Writers Guild’s demand that contracts take the current reality of streaming services into account.) The Venus retrograde reminded you of your value, and that’s unshakable now. You’ve been feeling that old ways have to go, and this New Moon is making sure they do.

You can steer this. Frame your intentions and wishes in terms of what you want. Factor in healthy boundaries and choices and the courage to choose meaning and depth. No grasping, no clutching; no pushing, no shoving. Let the winds of change carry you on. You’ll have a measuring point next April, when a total solar eclipse in Aries ramps up the process from the other side of the zodiac.

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