2023 Aries Full Moon

silhouette of woman leaping across a canyon

September 29, 2023
2:57 AM PDT / 5:57 AM EDT / 9 :57 AM GMT
6 Aries 0 / 6 Libra 0

Remember a few weeks ago when so much felt slow or logjammed? Did you take the opportunity to tidy and organize? To set your schedule and environment up so you could jump at a moment’s notice? Yay for you! All that is about to pay off. Didn’t get around to that? Well … oh, well. September’s Aries Full Moon is ramping up the pace, and life will only get faster and faster next month.

More questions for you (though the closer this Full Moon comes, the less you’ll have the patience for them): How’s your motivation? Your self-direction? Your get-up-and go? They’re on fire now, and they may show you where you are over something in your life – and take you out of it.

Impulse control is on hiatus. Forget compromising (for now), or playing nice for its own sake. Cellular-level compulsions are taking over. Dramas are escalating into daring, reckless and hotheaded peaks. With the Moon in a wide out-of-sign square to transformative Pluto, they could summon sudden, daring moves beyond what you previously thought possible. Think a small-bodied mother overturning a vehicle to free a trapped child. Think you standing up for yourself with unprecedented boldness.

Despite this Moon’s inherent feistiness, actual fighting is not a given. Cooperation is, surprisingly, in reach. You may find that even the tiniest conciliatory act or tone or look works wonders. And all of this may work well with existing agreements, relationships and default behaviors.

The reason is the simpatico relationship between the cosmic lovers: Mars, ruler of Aries, the masculine archetype and our drive, is in the opportunity aspect of a sextile with Venus, ruler of Libra (the Sun’s current sign), the feminine archetype and our relationships and values. Mars is traveling with the South Node, in Venus’ sign of Libra, representing ways of the past; Venus is trine the North Node, in Mars’ sign of Aries, representing the way to the future. This compatibility makes it likely that your connections will survive any “That’s it!” or “Outta my way!” moments. (For now. Rewriting is in the wind, though; stay tuned.)

So risk it, whatever “it” burbles up in you. Not that suppressing “it” is much of an option. For one thing, impulse control is, it bears stressing, on hiatus. For another, the same old, same old isn’t in the stars. The cosmic change agents are each working on Mars in ways that require shifts in tactics and approaches.

An adjustment in resource allocation is in order – who’s putting in what – due to Mars’ inconjunct to Uranus in Taurus. What you value, particularly about yourself, could be a factor; Venus is, herself, tightly square Uranus. Possible real-world playing out: you stop tolerating behavior that sells you short (even if doing that takes an outburst) and, voila! People around you show greater appreciation.

And old institutions and structures really are up for renegotiation. The Nodes have been pressuring Pluto in Capricorn in an ongoing t-square for months, which will move apart in November; now Mars joins in the push, by accentuating the square from the South Node end. The god of war is head to head with the lord of death and rebirth. Change is unavoidable; change is inevitable; and how we relate to each other is the spawning ground for it.

In wondrous cosmic symmetry, the aspects to Mars, this Full Moon’s ruler, sum up the saga of the eclipses in this Full Moon’s signs, Aries and Libra, which launched in April and are returning with the next installment in October. These eclipses are extra volatile and action-oriented this time around, with lots of hard contacts involving Mars and Pluto and, ultimately ,harmony between the nodes’ rulers Mars and Venus. This Full Moon is a preview of the entire two-year process (from April 2023-March 2025), a coming-attractions trailer, a teaser for the interpersonal journey that each of us is experiencing. So go for broke; you can’t break anything that already has lasting value.

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