September 2023

The retrospective vibe that colored so much of August continues for the first two weeks of September. With most everything in the sky retrograde, you will find that the important action is internal and remedial, no matter how hectic outer events may seem. Enjoy that focus. It’ll soon be a luxury.

The vibe turns from revisiting old flames and passions (and rekindling self-worth) to practicalities once Venus ends her six-week love-and-money-focused retrograde September 3. The next day, Jupiter takes up the retrograde baton and turns up the spotlight on money, resources and tangible follow through. With three planets retrograde in earth signs – Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto hanging out at far reaches of Capricorn – your best bet is to work the energy. Postpone campaigns to start anything new; key in on tangible considerations in the here and now. Clear up agreements and confusion (double-check; triple-check; you can’t overdo it). Finish existing projects. Organize your environment. Get papers and details in order. You’ll be glad you did when everything heats up in October.

Before then, enjoy surge after surge of optimism, chatter and giving into to self-indulgence. They blossom and blossom throughout the month, as Jupiter collaborates with Mercury (September 4), the Sun (September 8), Venus (September 17) and Mercury again (September 25). The mood boosters encourage enjoying the slowdown that happens midmonth when Mercury crawls to the end of his retrograde. Life will feel at half speed or less on either side of his direct station September 15.

Savor the moments. They remind you why it’s good to be alive, and the unrushed atmosphere makes it easy to catch the details floating by – and tend to end-of-retrograde confusions, snarls and glitches.

The sensation of prolonging time pervades the Virgo New Moon September 14, the day before Mercury stations direct. It comes with a dose of déjà vu, from the New Moon’s location at the degree where Mercury stationed retrograde August 23. (A wide opposition to illusionist Neptune adds to the sensation of existing outside time.) It also comes with plot twists and unexpected fixes, with a trine from Uranus that ushers in the excitement of the second half of the month.

When Mercury’s retrograde ends (that date again: September 15), you’re in a lightning field of personal liberation, relationship and financial breakthroughs, and “aha!” moments. They hit especially close to home from the 15th through the 21st, as the Sun’s travels form a grand trine with quick change artist Uranus and unavoidable change agent Pluto, opening your concept of yourself and miwiving empowerment and simplicity. The strikes electrify the equinox September 23, when the Sun makes its annual entry into Libra, and crackle in the background for the next three months.

The languid days of midmonth are ancient history by the Aries Full Moon September 29. It delivers the fuel of a steroid-laced energy drink, with a chaser from Venus’ action-inducing square to Uranus. No one’s in a mood to put up with anything, and everyone’s impulsively bold, including you. Breakouts, breakups, breakthroughs are erupting in personal and financial relationships. The next day’s trine from Mercury to Uranus dislodges useful, if startling information, triggers conversations you didn’t see coming, and changes minds in an instant, The detonations jettison us into October – where dramatic reboots and endings await.