Astro-Insight for August 14-20, 2023 – T

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of August 14th, 2023. This is a milestone week. It feels like everything is a milestone these days, I know. This week is a long stretch of assimilation and change based on what we have been encountering and experiencing during Venus’s retrograde in the sign of Leo since July 22nd. Last week brought some epiphany moments, some breakthrough moments, a weekend of Venus meeting the sun and encouraging us to just bask in our own fire. And now the New Moon in Leo on the 16th takes what we have learned, what we have discovered, what we have reclaimed from our past and what we’re rejecting from our past and dumps it all into the fiery new or fresh starts of the New Moon. Change is definitely in the air. Change is fueling the sparks and the fires of this New Moon.

The Sun and the Moon are in a relationship with quick change artist Uranus that demands action, that has a kind of jailbreak, internal jailbreak quality to it. This is the moment that the bound figure in the Eight of Swords in the Tarot realizes that h er feet are not tied up and that she can move and she starts to move forward. And maybe she actually even figures out that if she wiggles just right, she can get her arms free and then she can take the blindfold off of her eyes. Treat this new moon as a time of committing to your internal spark, to the breadth and value and glory of your own light, to your own unique self-expression, and your right to be who you really are to exist, to shine, to flourish. Many of us are ready to do this. This is not a moment of sitting around and thinking about “What do I want my new moon intentions to be?” and writing them down.

There is an impulsiveness and intuitive instinctual energy that simply arises from the core of your being and gets you moving. There’s courage. There’s boldness. There’s actually even efficient targeted action because Mars, the ruler of our drive, the cosmic first responder in make-it-better Virgo, is in an easy flow to the quick change artist Uranus. The Sun and the Moon are saying. “Gotta do something different.” And Mars is saying, “Okay, I know how to get it going.” Yes, there’ll probably be a bit of discomfort with this. There are some minor aspects that nudge us into doing things that are outside our comfort level, especially involving taking risks and what we communicate to other people. Maybe you have a scary conversation where you actually own up to your feelings with someone and you break something off or you say, “You know, really, I’m just looking for friendship here.”

Or you push yourself and say,” I am looking for something more than just friends.” Or you — just as scary for a lot of people — state your worth in a financial situation. Ask for something in a business or a job situation that is actually going to honor and value the contributions that you’re making. Yeah, it could be ask for a raise week or at least ask people to pay you what they owe you week, which for some people is kind of scary. And you may find in this that you have built scenarios up in your mind about what somebody else wants or needs or what they think. And you could have a completely different script going on in your head than the other person does. Keep in mind that we’re on the runway to Mercury’s next retrograde, which officially starts on the 23rd, goes to the middle of September, even though it is not technically here, certainly wouldn’t hurt to be overly clear, overly specific, and actually state what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, and most of all what you really want. This is a “More pudding, sir” moment, quoting Oliver, which some of you probably know about. But even more importantly, this is a week to tell your inner child it is right that he or she come out and play. In fact, that is what is supposed to happen at this point. The raw,

Unadulterated, you blossoming, coming to the fore, gaining expression, accepting attention, accepting validation, and most importantly, not settling. So make like the figure in the Eight of Swords and step forward, shake off those ties. Take a different look around. Take chances. This is the week to do that. Homing Thought of the Week: Try something new.
Song of the Week: “I Gotta Be Me;” many people have recorded it and the

Image of the Week is: Smiling at yourself in the mirror.

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