2023 Aquarius Full Moon

people sitting dining on the ground under strung white lights and amid trees Photo by Valiant Made on Unsplash

August 1, 2023
11:31 AM PDT / 2:31 PM EDT / 6:31 PM GMT
9 Leo 15 / 9 Aquarius 15

Has it felt lately as if cosmic arrows are pointing at you from all directions? Are you increasingly aware of being ignored or undervalued and increasingly getting fed up? Have you had the sense that certain friends and pastimes don’t fit anymore? Have you been thinking that something has to give?

It does, and that’s happening now. The Aquarius Full Moon is supersizing questions like those and more, until they have no option but to resolve. The pressure is making us want more and removing people and situations that can’t deliver. Actively or not, we’re breaking from friend groups, communities, and wish lists that don’t further our well-being and future flourishing.

It’s, weirdly, not an especially emotional experience, for a full Moon. With her in detached, intellectual Aquarius, we’re in observer mode, ticking off boxes or marking a Bingo card as events unfold.

Not that this is an entirely drama-free zone. Venus is retrograding in look-at-me Leo, and some grandstanding and spotlight-grabbing is inevitable. Your best focus is your own spark. How’s it faring?

This Full Moon is a measuring and release point in our Venus retrograde journeys, which began July 22. She’s not yet conjunct the Sun or Moon – that happens midmonth – but she does play a starring role right now. She rules the planet making the tightest contact to the Full Moon right now: her counterpart in indulgence, Jupiter, who enlarges everything he touches. He’s midway between the Sun and the Moon, the focal point of the dynamic configuration of a t-square. He’s receiving equal pressure from reason and emotion, the masculine and the feminine, expression of the self and communal experience, and the way out is: exaggerating the desire and need for tangible validation (no sweet nothings!), for reliability, for dependability and showing up.

No one’s inclined to wait for invitations, or to wait for anything. The t-square is pumping up sagas and emotions and situations until they get satisfaction, or until an energetic balloon pops. Keeping on with what you’ve been doing isn’t likely. Too much in the sky is poking us all to do something. (Those cosmic arrows, remember?)

Venus is also in charge of the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, and she’s heading for a shoving match with him. When they connect August 9, the impact will junlock hearts and desires – and complete the breaks this Full Moon is setting up.

More about those arrows: The Moon’s inconjunct to Mercury and Mars in Virgo is calling for healthier thinking, information channels, motivations, and approaches, with more intact boundaries and regard for the details. The Moon’s semi-sextile to Saturn is also nudging us toward adjustments, to step up, and above all to act responsibly toward ourselves.

Some of this will play out slowly. This Full Moon is wired with delays, blockades, and echoes of July 21 (just before Venus stationed retrograde), when messenger god Mercury opposes Saturn, as action hero Mars did in July. (Watch for messages, explanations and details now about the July 21 impasses and frustrations.) It’s not a hospitable influence for winning anyone over to your side. You may even have difficulty making contact with people, with the result that some of the Full Moon break-ups will simply happen, without talk. (Can you say … ghosting?)

You’ll know what it means to and for you by the time Venus reaches the Sun August 13. And you are the MVP in your life now. Every development has information about your value, and especially your value of yourself. Assimilate! You’re only taking what’s yours.

Photo by Valiant Made on Unsplash