Astro-Insight for July 24-30, 2023 – T

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of July 24th, 2023. No lazy, hazy, anything except maybe in the memories that are increasingly swirling through your mind. It’s a fiery time, indeed, high energy, high drama. We come into the week with the sun and two inner planets in Leo: Venus, the goddess of all we desire and value, creativity, beauty, love, money, and Mercury, ruler of everything that goes in and out of our minds and mouths. Venus has just stationed retrograde, beginning a journey to the past that will continue through September 3rd, presenting opportunities to clean up some old business involving past relationships, unfinished projects, unexpressed creativity, summoning all kinds of people from the past, particularly from your very young days and your school days, and important relationships, flames, crushes, loves people in situations that once were extremely important to you. The retrograde journey and this week were both kicked off by unexpected information, unexpected insights, jolts and blasts, and messages that tilted the way we have been looking at something and probably the way we’ve been looking at ourselves.

Those tilts send us barreling into this week, which is filled with seesaws, with adjustments, with situation after situation that we head into in one mode and quickly realize, learn or are told we must shift, adjust, adapt. This is the week of inconjunct / adjustment aspects with planets being 150 degrees away from each other, and the symbol for this actually does look like a seesaw. Calibration is necessary, and adjustment is necessary to find balance. The first one involves Venus’ retrograde. Venus is in an adjustment aspect to Pluto, her greater counterpart in desire and money. Subterranean forces are lurking everywhere and tugging at our hearts, steering things. You might have a surge of actual fear about your own survival or security or hit something that requires you to

Let go of a situation from the past. There’s a clearing vibe to this, and then Mercury joins the adjustment dance. He’s also on the playground with the seesaws. Let’s put as many different metaphors in this as I can come up with. We’ll see if there are more. On the 26th, an adjustment in our thinking is coming, in our information is coming, having to do with the role of fantasy or illusion or lying or disinformation. This is very likely a pivotal moment in the various strikes in the entertainment industry as Mercury makes an adjustment aspect to Neptune, Mercury being contract negotiations, Neptune being the industry, and then Mercury and Venus go huddle in a corner and figure some things out. We have a conjunction between mind and heart, thinking and desire, something in relationships. Getting on, oh, let’s use a trite saying here, the same page. The Mercury Venus conjunction on the 27th

Very well stirs communication from someone from your past. Actually open your email; answer your phone. There’s a kind of retro feel to this so– you know, we used to use telephones to um, talk — and then Mercury has his own time on the seesaw with the agent of unavoidable change, Pluto in Capricorn. Remember that every time a planet is at the end of a sign, it’s having a contact with Pluto between now and the middle of January next year. Something has to change in our thinking, in our information sources, in our conversations and communication, in whatever we’re exposing our minds to. Something streamlines, simplifies, and it is entirely probable that something kind of unpleasant, uncomfortable, even scary, a harsh truth, drives whatever it is you’re leaving behind as Mercury makes his way out the door and enters his earth home of Virgo, immediately afterwards; this is on the 28th. Mercury remains in his mode of evaluation and discrimination and looking for improvement and paying attention to the details and practical ramifications until the beginning of October. And the reason he’s going to be in the sign for this long is this is the sign where he goes retrograde at the end of August, overlapping with the final weeks of Venus’ retrograde. For now, he’s giving us kind of a cool head and a little bit of objectivity

As we go through our Venus retrograde experience, giving us the ability to talk, to think, to evaluate, to analyze, and be very discerning and discriminating as we encounter ghost after ghost after ghost from the past. The weekend unrolls with a couple of more adjustments. One has a theme of “Who’s the boss? Who’s in charge here? Am I, or is some outer force?” as the sun in conjuncts Saturn, the taskmaster, the planet of adulting and authority on the 29th and teeing up the inconjunct that will start week after next,on the 30th when the two rulers of love and creativity, Venus and Neptune make their own adjustment aspect. All the information we get this week, or a lot of the information we get this week, could very well lead to dispelling some illusions and nostalgia that you have about the past. In the meantime, play the music from your teens and twenties.

Go revisit movies that you loved. Pull out your old school yearbooks. Look for pieces of yourself that are scattered across your path behind you, and see what parts of you you wanna pick up and put back into the You of Time Present.

Homing Thought of the Week: Listen to my heart, but wait before speaking.
Song of the Week: “This Is Me” by Demi Lovato, and the
Image of the Week is: Adjusting a radio tuner to get a clear signal.
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