2023 Cancer New Moon

framed square with words GOOD DECISIONS CORNER on a brick wall above a large Igloo cooler and clear empty glasses

July 17, 2023
11:21 AM PDT / 2:21 PM EDT / 6:31 PM GMT
24 Cancer 56

The Cancer New Moon is a soft, sweet, gushy moment, refreshing our relationship to nurturing, home, and family – but with a few twists.

This sign is the Moon’s natural home, where she is most comfortable and expressive. Emotions flow freely here and incline us to nest, to nurture, to fluff pillows, to bake cookies for loved ones (and nibble some for ourselves, of course), to kiss boo-boos, to tear up at songs and movies and commercials, and to stay within our own four walls.

A Cancer New Moon invites stepping back from the outer world and tending to our base of operations – our family, our physical home, our own emotional well-being – before venturing back out into the fray.

This year’s model helps us find our emotional bearings amid the larger currents that are running through and reshaping the world. The twists in our relationship to nurturing, home, and family come from the Moon’s contacts to the three outermost planets.

One twist: Fresh starts could actually be a little … unhinged from reality. Not necessarily bad or unpleasant; just be aware of it. Nostalgia, sentimentality, and escapism are flowing into them, courtesy of the unbroken flow of a trine from the Moon to illusionist Neptune. This pairing heightens the potential for sweetness, softness, and kindness, which you can just as easily direct to your self and your own base as to loved ones. The trine opens hearts (and tear ducts) to the needs, experience, and suffering of others, and inclines us to look at the past – and other people – with forgiving eyes. Maybe slightly delusional eyes. If revisionist history dilutes past pain, well, who suffers?

Another twist: We could be inspired, surprisingly or out of the blue, to shake up home circumstances and change situations to be more nurturing and supportive (starting with: to you). The Moon’s sextile to Uranus opens the door to changes in resources and funding. (Who’s paying for what? Where is money going? What makes you feel safe and secure about where your money is going?) Because the Moon and Uranus are in signs that are prone to treating food as currency, there’s also a potential to shift your relationship to eating, particularly emotional. (Who among us has not succumbed to that of late?)

And the biggie: Fresh starts are also taking into account a long hard look at the deep-level change that we have felt powerless to prevent, that has uprooted traditions and rocked family structures and institutions. The Moon is opposite Pluto, retrograde at the last degree of Capricorn and occasioning more excavation, more deconstruction and demolition, more uncovering of rot and decay and cracks in foundations.

The natural response to all that commotion is to pull back (okay, maybe hide as well), look at what you can control, and update and shore up the home front. How can you make it feel safer, more comfortable, more secure? This New Moon could bring another installment of rearranging family hierarchies, with members trading or handing over spheres of authority, and one generation taking on what another has previously shouldered.

There’s a sense of prepping for the future, and a sense of fatedness (aka forces outside your mortal control). Adding to the discomfort of the view, Pluto is at the crux of a t-square from the nodes, at the last gasp of Taurus/Scorpio (the resource axis) before sliding into Aries/Libra (the relationship axis) shortly after the Moon meets the Sun. The Moon is technically a bit far from the nodes, but the opposition to Pluto pulls her in and creates a the momentary immobilization of a grand cross. The tension suspends us in awareness of huge ongoing change and the culmination of our 18-month review of what we value you and invest in in the material world (precipitated by the nodes and eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio). A shift in focus is coming any second, a shift toward self-actualization and less concern for impact on others.

So be quiet. Be contemplative. Stay home. Cook. Keep tissues nearby. Hug your teddy bear, and humans if any you care about are nearby. Freshen your base to suit changed circumstances. And if you turn to cookies or cake or ice cream or all of the above… so be it.