Astro-Insight for July 10-16, 2023 – (T)

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of July 10th, 2023. This week inclines us to actually get our hands dirty and start dealing with practicalities and physical reality. There’s still a heavy Leo concentration in the sky, which inspires us to express ourselves without being too particularly concerned about what anybody else thinks to strut. Dress up; have a good time; be generous; take center stage; claim our due. And two of the inner planets change signs this week in kind of a baton passing: Mars, which has been in Leo, enters Virgo on the 10th. Now, in one way of looking at it, Mars in an earth sign is not a particularly comfortable combo, but Mars does enjoy being busy and having tasks. And Virgo, the intellectual earth sign is quite focused on “What can I do? What can be fixed: what can be improved?”

“What can I do to make this better?” Mars is in Virgo for the next six or seven weeks, till nearly the end of August, and his time in this mode inclines us all to actually get in the thick of things, to tackle, to make to-do lists, to knock things off a to-do, list, to measure three or four times, and then cut, to take lots and lots and lots of little incremental steps. Now with this other energy in Leo, consider directing a lot of that Mars in Virgo energy to your own wellbeing, your own life. This would be excellent for getting a massage, for going to a spa, for, oh, going to the gym, for moving your body, for addressing what you’re doing to it and what you’re feeding it. And as Mars makes this shift and leaves Leo, he passes the baton or the crown to Mercury, the winged messenger, the planet that rules what goes in and out of our mouths, how we get around and our relationship to technology. So the atmosphere will remain high energy, somewhat feisty, somewhat self-indulgent, very self-expressive, but before Mercury makes that shift, it has a standoff with Pluto at the very end of Capricorn. From now until mid-January when Pluto returns to Aquarius, every time a planet changes signs,

It’s going to have a connection of some sort with Pluto, and it’s going to intensify an issue or a matter in our lives, in ourselves and strip something. Mercury is in Cancer, making an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and highlighting, intensifying, absolutely challenging the level of, well, on one hand, corruption that is everywhere, including in your own life. So it will bring monsters, personal demons, evermore to the surface. You could have a very anxious feeling. You could have a moment of awareness of how your own sense of security is threatened in some way, but you aren’t quite in a position to do something about it because it’s an opposition. Well, there are those who believe this aspect invites a compromise of some sort. So good luck making any kind of compromise with Pluto. I’ll just throw that out there. At any rate, after something comes too light and we go, “Oh, you’re still there, yuck.”

Mercury goes into Leo and communication is on fire. Queen bees and drama queens get a little bit of a reality check on the 14th when Mercury makes an adjustment aspect to Saturn. This could be a bit of a party pooper with Saturn in watery Pisces requiring calibration from Mercury in fiery Leo. It may be a, hmm, you know, reign yourself in, be an adult moment, and this comes with a door opening, a window, opening a handout, stretching, offering options. The sun is in a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. You don’t have to keep going about things the way you have been. You can try something different. You can define yourself in a slightly different way. You can have a breakthrough freeing yourself perhaps from something that you feel responsible for, particularly on the home front. You might find a new and unexpected way to get some of your own emotional needs met, and this is followed by yet another reality check moment, but with a different vibe. Now, a long time ago, decades ago when people recorded on something called cassette tape, there was a tape manufacturer that advertised the quality of

Its products with the tagline, “Is it live or is it Memorex?” The skies are giving us that kind of moment of contemplation and evaluation. As the weekend winds up the two planets of love and inspiration, Venus and Neptune, make an inconjunct, an adjustment aspect, and the question is, is your imagination on overdrive? Are you picking something up accurately? Do your relationships require maybe some calibration in how you are viewing and experiencing them? There’s a reality versus expectation vibe to this, and something gets tinkered with. Maybe you bring something back a little bit closer to what passes for reality or something that is more fitting for who you are at this moment in your life — that’s Venus in Leo — something that actually validates and supports you at this point in your life — that’s Venus in Leo. Maybe you drop some illusion, maybe you drop some illusion about yourself.

Maybe you drop some illusion about love. Some kind of adjustment is going on. Doesn’t have to be unpleasant. It definitely does. Further your own self-expression and experience of life.
Homing thought of the week: To thine own self be true.
Song of the Week: Whistle While You Work from the Walt Disney animated classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the
Image of the Week is: Rolling up your sleeves and applying elbow grease to a dirty pan.
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