2023 Capricorn Full Moon

blue neon script in a shop window saying Over the Moon

July 3, 2023
4:38 AM PDT / 7:38 AM EDT / 11:38 AM GMT
11 Cancer 18 / 11 Capricorn 18

Get out your project management spread sheets! It’s status report time! The Capricorn Full Moon is reviewing what you’ve been striving toward, with an emphasis on a column you might not have previously noticed in the spread sheet: How do you feel about your efforts? Your progress? Your current reality?

The skies have certainly been distracting from noticing practical progress, what with Uranus disrupting this situation or that and Neptune cloaking everything with fog. It’s been easy to lose sight of what has been building in your life. That’s impossible to miss under the light of this Moon.

Capricorn is not an inherently emotional sign. It’s pragmatic and worldly, finding meaning in work, in providing materially for others, and in proceeding step by incremental step toward goals. This one, however, has emotionality wired into the mix, with Mercury in Cancer close by the Sun and opposite the Moon. The Sun/Mercury link – exact July 1 – brings a conscious awareness of emotions, plus effortless expressiveness. The outpouring could run the gamut from nurturing and love to sentimentality and nostalgia to anxiety and regressing to childishness.

Whichever way these go – and they could fluctuate like the Moon herself – the impact is large. Exaggeratedly large. Larger than life large. The Moon is trining Jupiter in Taurus, the guy that goes over the top. If you’re feeling good, you’re feeling solidly, exuberantly, extravagantly good, enjoying an epidemic of gold stars and more bankable rewards.

Then again, Jupiter does make more of whatever he touches, for good or not so good, so if you’re been feeling down, or weighted down, that could increase. His trine to the Moon could amplify feelings of overwhelm and drudgery, or accentuate how far goals remain out of reach, either way emphasizing the need for more work, more striving, more trudge, trudge trudging along.

With either experience (and you could have both, in different areas), the odds favor growth and stability. That potential comes from Capricorn’s ruler Saturn in a sextile to both the Moon and Jupiter, offering each end structure and form. The taskmaster may require commitment; he is, after all, the planet of adulting. He does, however, reward diligence and responsibility.

Saturn and Jupiter could make good on that nicely – if not now, in early February next year, when the pair moves into sextile again. That aspect is another indication of getting somewhere, of effort producing security that feels good, that feeds your heart, that very probably – with that Mercury in the home and family zone of Cancer – speaks to people who are dear to you.

And yes, you may be hearing the “Jaws” theme in the background, with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn for a few months of burrowing ever deeper into foundations, institutions, and infrastructure. The agent of unavoidable change is not aspecting this Moon, though. Treat him as a construction crew in the vicinity, but not on your property today.

Your personal spreadsheet is more important for now. Note what you’ve accomplished. Reward it, even. Note what you’ve completed. Reward that, too and – this is a Full Moon, remember? – let it go. Note where you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, unsatisfied. Admit to your feelings, and if they come out a little crabby and cranky, well, that may be excusable. Even adults need a break sometime.

And besides, look at the cornucopia this Moon is pouring onto you. Acknowledge it. Be grateful for it. Let go of what you no longer need. And rest. There’s more of that mountain to climb.