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This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of June 19th, 2023. This week we get a crash course in the personal impact of outer planet retrogrades. They can be really theoretical, something that you hear astrologers talking about or that you read about. They’re something that’s in the news, but not really a personal issue until they start hitting personal planets. And this week we get two excursions into the personal meaning of the two outer planet retrogrades that started earlier this month: Pluto retrograding from the first degree of Aquarius back into Capricorn, which started June 11 and which will continue into October, and Saturn retrograding in Pisces, which happened on the 17th and will continue into early November. Pluto’s return to Capricorn affords many opportunities to do further cleanup work on the collapse of institutions and foundations and infrastructure, rot, demolition decay, and rebuilding them.

Saturn retrograding in Pisces will bring a review of how responsible we’ve been and possibly pressure us in some instances to suit up, to be an adult, to take responsibility and to face consequences for shortfalls in our behavior. Saturn comes online first this week. The week starts with a beautiful outstretched hand from Jupiter in Taurus to Saturn in Pisces, a sextile and opportunity. This doesn’t fall into your lap. This is something you have to actually embrace. Take. Work with. Jupiter in Taurus is very focused on the material, on resources, on physical comfort, on how you experience your physicality of life, sensuality, creativity, your relationship to food, and of course your assets and money. The sextile to Saturn offers the opportunity to bridge acting in a more compassionate or creative way, bringing that down into the physical realm. It’s an invitation to ground something that

You’ve been working on and turn it into something reliable. This is grounding cord stabilizing opportunity. A “don’t dream it; be it” moment. Something close to it will come back again in February when these two bodies glance each other and approach a sextile, but do not absolutely exactly form it again. Then we get to deal with the personal meaning of Pluto going back into Capricorn. This comes from an adjustment aspect or an inconjunct between the Sun and Pluto on the 21st, which calls upon us to act from a position of power, to step into your own power, to streamline your view of yourself, to make adjustments in your identity and in your sense of your mission, to strip them down to what is most important and what is most honest. This tilt is very probably going to have something to do with the longstanding process that you’ve been undergoing since January of 2008 when Pluto first moved into the sign of Capricorn.

So think about how your priorities have changed, how your sense of the ground beneath your feet has changed, how your relationship with family, and particularly your parents and your ancestors has changed. This day brings a reminder that there’s still some more work to do, that maybe it’s time to drop some baggage, drop outmoded ways of looking at yourself and of your role in your family, possibly tweak some of your goals and aspirations. This happens right before the Sun slips through the door into Cancer, and we have the June solstice marking summer in the north, winter in the south, one of the four major turns of the astrological wheel and setting the tone for the next three months. See if you don’t find yourself experiencing and expressing yourself with more focus and more genuineness. A few events follow that involve our minds, our thinking, what we’re talking about, information flow. The first right after the Sun makes its move into Cancer on the 21st is an opportunity aspect between Mercury, the messenger

Of the gods and Mars, the cosmic first responder, the action hero of the Zodiac in the sign of Leo, which is all about self-expression. This is an opportunity to put your words into action. This is a very strong lesson in “form follows thought;” what you think, what you talk about, what you let run through your mind from other people’s thoughts through social media, through information that comes your way. All of this can affect how you actually move yourself forward in the world. The Sun’s move into Cancer will naturally incline us to spend time closer to home, whatever home means to us, to nest, to nurture, to take care of dear ones. The Mercury/Mars sextile adds a lot of energy to this with the possibility of a somewhat uncharacteristic tweak coming in our minds and our information flow and conversations, when Mercury makes a semisextile to Uranus on the 22nd. Do take care during all of this. We’re under a fog advisory.

There are clouds building, obscuring and softening our thinking, possibly skewing what we’re hearing and what we’re being told. On the 25th, Mercury squares Neptune, planet of illusion, keeper of the cosmic fog machine. This has the effect of a mini Mercury Retrograde. Things are not necessarily as they seem. You may not be hearing people correctly. People may be deliberately playing fast and loose with the truth. The upside to this is the potential for incredible inspiration and creativity. Bottom line being that last full weekend in June, set aside time for what we used to call wool gathering, for quiet, for letting your mind just kind of wander wherever it wants to go. Remember the clouds that were being kicked up at the Gemini New Moon, and now they’re seeping into our brains, into our conversations. Kick back; take it easy. Go fallow. Let your mind wander. Dream. Daydream. This could be part of the process of dreaming in a new reality.

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Speaking of Saturn retrograding in Pisces, I have a talk about Saturn in Pisces that looks at big themes of what this transit means, especially from the perspective of what happened the four times that Saturn was in Pisces in the 20th century, and also discusses the probable impact on us based on our sun and rising signs, with a special look at people who are having their Saturn returns now, or Saturn crossing their Chiron, and a lot for people who were born in the 1960s, particularly the mid-years. There’s a link to it on the top page of my site,, where you can sign it for my mailing list and book a session with me. I’m Kathy Biehl, a professional astrologer with more than 30 years experience.

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