2023 Gemini New Moon

dark cave opening onto a woman's f\torso looking up with tiny lights around her

June 17, 2023 9:36 PM PDT
June 18, 2023 12:36 AM EDT / 4:36 AM GMT
26 Gemini 43

Field of Dreams

This year’s Gemini New Moon puts a fresh spin on thinking and information sources. It’s great for inspiration and creativity and nudging ideas into physical reality. Take care, though, and give those ideas time to settle in. We are under a cosmic fog advisory, and not everything is as it appears. At all.

Gemini is breezy, fast-moving, easily changeable energy, suited to the realm of the mind. Ruled by Mercury, fleet-footed messenger of the gods, it’s light and nimble, capable of juggling multiples of anything – balls, concepts, interests, projects, activities, conversations, people – and switching quickly from one to another.

Give yourself permission to roam and have some fun. A New Moon in Gemini encourages lightening up and letting your mind run free. This one is especially chatty, outgoing, and playful. Mercury’s sextile to Venus offers creative flair and potential, while dangling opportunities for connection and self-expression.

.This one also encourages flights of fancy and, take care, outright wooziness. Thoughts and perceptions are hardly razor sharp. They’re softened and blurred, possibly from wishful thinking, or chemical enhancement, or seeing the best in others to the point of overlooking contrary evidence, or simply zoning out.

The lightheadedness and more come from the Moon’s tight square to Neptune, planet of dreams and transcendence. The square’s harshness is sending puff after puff off Neptune’s cosmic fog machine, blanketing the atmosphere with a laid-back, escapist vibe. It’s permeating thinking, our data flow, and the multiplicity of ideas and concepts and conversations circulating now. Some of them may be unhinged; some may be less than truthful; some may be deliberately not.

Know that this is seeping into your brain (and the other ones you’re encountering). Non-conscious influences are working on your plans and navigation. What would you do if you were driving a car and came to thick, low-hanging clouds? Probably not accelerate; probably you would proceed cautiously, and maybe even pull off the road until the clouds break up.

Take the same approach with this New Moon. Take it easy. Floating slowly through it is the route of safety; the Moon’s inconjunct to Pluto counsels adjusting your mental sails to take unseen and subconscious forces into account.

A slow and easy approach may lead to something to your benefit. The Neptunian fog has the power to pour imagination and inspiration into your New Moon aspirations. Let them swirl and morph and fly through your mind. Not only could it be fun, but this New Moon’s dreaminess could also end up being productive. Expansive Jupiter in Taurus is sextile retrograde Saturn in Pisces, clearing a path to creativity and offering resources and growth potential. That path is longer than it looks; the planetary pair’s sextile will not formally happen until early February 2024, and even then it will not be exact.

The path ahead has another lengthening feature. Pluto, agent of unavoidable change and regeneration, has retrograded back in Capricorn. It will linger at its current location until the end of July and return in mid-December.

So relax. Take your time. Just be. Stare at clouds. Lose yourself in daydreams, in romantic comedies, in your escapist vehicle of choice. Take a trip to your personal fantasy island. Make like Einstein and conduct thought experiments: What if this? How about that? What would you like to create in your world? How can your thinking support that? Meditate. Talk to guides if you’re into that. You’re in a field of dreams. Some of them just might materialize.