Astro-Insight for May 8-14, 2023

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of May 8th, 2023. We’re still in the throes of the Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse, and also Mercury retrograde in Taurus. And this week is going to continue to shake us up, continue to shake things up, and then hit an unexpected, possibly just a little bit weird point of stability and concrete understanding. Keep in mind that this lunar eclipse is going to continue to affect us into October, although the impact right now is particularly intense and will surge again in June, but more about that later. The week begins with the sensation that some kind of chain or lock is breaking loose within you. The sun meets quick change agent Uranus. Your concept of yourself could blast open. This is a remarkable and to an extent, unexpected moment of awakening and personal liberation. And even though it comes sideways or from a direction that you weren’t expecting or on a timing that you didn’t foresee, this is hitting a part of you and your relationship with yourself and all of reality that has been hammered again and again and again since last November.

And the immediate aftermath has phenomenal potential to be grounding. Your brain could wrap itself around this development really firmly and solidly. You could talk about it, easily articulate what you’ve been experiencing easily and get confirmation from people around you, from the people that you talk with, and just as importantly in changes in the way people interact with you. So the confirmation and the validation could take the form of unexpected improvements, or shifts but probably in an improved way with your close personal relationships. Something in this liberation is changing the rules by which you are operating and the rest of the systems that you are part of are opening up to make way for that, to accept it, to work the newly awakened, or liberated you into what is going on. These shifts come from the sextiles or opportunity aspects that Mercury is making to Saturn and to Venus on May 12th.

If you have the opportunity to spend time with people who are important to you, this makes for really oddly productive socializing and then grounding, solidity, stabilizing all of that settles in when Venus trines Saturn on the 13th, the planet that rules our desires, our attitude toward relationship, pleasure, money, creativity in an easy flow with the lord of structure, the planet of adulting and commitment and accountability. Something can lock in easily under this that has staying power, that is reliable. And since Venus is in sweet and tender and highly emotional nurturing Cancer, the upshot could be very stabilizing for your sense of safety and security in the world for your home life and for the inner child that still exists inside of you. And all of this is the buildup to the end of the second Mercury retrograde of the year. Mercury stations direct on the 14th and the days on either side of this will bring the sensation that time has crawled to a halt.

This is a pearl being dropped into molasses type energy, slower than slow, providing an unbroken un-interfered with vantage point for viewing so much that has been going on during the retrograde, during the eclipses last October and November, around the midterms in the US, and more recently. In your own life, watch for details coming to light that are extraordinarily practical, extraordinarily concrete, possibly financially valuable. And mark this week on your calendar some way because you’re going to want to think about what came to light for you this week at October’s final eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. The Taurus Full Moon at the end of October happens right where Mercury is stationing and developments this week are going to have major chapter closings by then.

If you find yourself getting frustrated by how slow everything is, remind yourself that you are picking up information and cleaning up agreements and old business that will all be relevant in about six months.
Homing Thought of the Week: Security is an inside job.
Song of the Week: Liberated by DeJ Loaf and Leon Bridges.
And the Image of the Week is: Finding an old coin on the ground, looking at it closely, and realizing that it’s rare and really valuable.
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