Astro-Insight for April 17-23, 2023

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of April 17th, 2023. We have reached peak Aries. All the moxie and agitation and boldness and brazenness and brashness and argumentativeness and standing up to figh,t all of that this week pours into rocket fuel within each of us, within every situation that’s been brewing, developing, lurking, and pouring into the second Aries New Moon of the year, on the 19th or 20th, depending on where you are, a total solar eclipse at the very end of Aries launching a family of eclipses that we’re going to be experiencing for the next couple of years, causing us to revisit and reset the complex balance in every relationship of the individual on one end and the other person or the relationship on the other. This event doesn’t merely shoot us all into the next couple of years, but it is part of the christening of Pluto in Aquarius, which will be restructuring our communities, our relationship to technology and realigning power through 2044

Because Pluto is laced into the eclipse. Big stuff, potent stuff. You will likely find that a lot of really impetuous and passionate energies and emotions that have been building up in you in the last few weeks are going to propel you. And if you’re someone who’s inclined to work with a New Moon to make New Moon intentions or conduct a New Moon ceremony, your boldest brashest, most courageous intentions and wishes are really going to get amped up by this. Situations are going to leave. People are going to leave. You may be the one leaving some situations, but it’s not just wild frenzy, disruptive bursts of energy we are experiencing and seeing. There is an immediate governing, stabilizing influence. Right after the Moon is new, the Sun shifts into Taurus, grounded, focused on resources and the here and now and the senses and what you can taste, touch, see, feel, consume.

And the Sun immediately has an action-demanding aspect to Pluto, pushing each of us into an evolutionary shudder or moment that quickens the changes within each of us that are part of what’s coming in the next 20 plus years. And then we get the chance to sit and observe what all of this might mean, because on the heels of this solar eclipse, on the heels of the Sun moving into “show me,” make-it-concrete Taurus, Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus. Our second Mercury retrograde of the year starts on the 21st and continues into the middle of May. We will be stumbling on practicalities, discovering confusion or misperceptions or outright deceit about details having to do with money and resources. And it’s interesting that in the midst of such exciting, empowering energy erupting all over and inside each of us, a countervailing force is making us slow our minds down.

Mercury in Taurus isn’t particularly quick. Mercury retrograde in Taurus is double slowed. And the benefit in this is that there will be moments of stillness, believe it or not, and many opportunities to actually look at what has been being said, what has been going on. Very important and valuable do-overs are possible here. Finishing up old business that actually has to do with your material wellbeing. And it makes me think of a slogan that I came up with for Eyeopeners tours in Houston years and years ago: Stop, look and look again. Very soon into the retrograde process, windows and doors will open up for us to actually do something about the information that we’re stumbling on, the information that we’re uncovering or that is now being revealed to us, When Mercury sextiles Mars on the 23rd,. It’s a paradoxical week, then. All of our

Life force oriented toward go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. And yet reasons and incentive to take another look at what’s actually happening here on the ground.
Homing thought of the week. I’ve got two — Outta my way! And stop, look and look again.
Song of the Week: also have two– Firework by Katie Perry and A Whole New World from Aladdin. Yes, I know it was a Song of the Week recently, still fits and
Image of the Week: I also have two, a human cannonball being shot out and safely coming to ground and hitting a power up in Mario Kart.
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