2023 Libra Full Moon

three seesaws in a sanbox

April 5, 2023 9:34 PM PDT
April 6, 2023 12:34 AM EDT / 4:34 AM GMT
16 Aries 7 / 16 Libra 7

It’s time for another visit to the relationship playground. Watch your step now! Take care with the equipment. Some of it is rickety. Some of it was fun when you were younger but doesn’t fit your current body. Or age. Plus, the seesaw’s out of balance. And so are some of the people around you. And maybe, if you’re honest, you. Yet here we are, all the same, staring at each other and considering what we want to do.

Still considering? Didn’t you deal with some of this already? Yes. You may have thought certain issues were resolved, but it’s becoming clear that adjustments are still necessary. That’s part of the mission of this year’s Libra Full Moon, the cosmic host of the playground.

The Libra Full Moon lights up the challenge of being yourself and being in a union. Romantic relationships are under the microscope, of course, but they’re not the only ones. Every connection is subject to this Moon’s call, along with the ground rules we’ve been following.

The Libra Moon holds the ideal of harmony and cooperation and at least being courteous to each other. That’s tricky when the sky is stacking the equation in favor of the individual. This line-up is three against one, with the Libra Moon staring down the Sun, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aries.

Jupiter is making his signature over the top contribution to Full Moon dramas – impetuousness, brazenness, acting without considering risk or consequences or others. With his flame accelerant, some of those dramas could escalate into cartoonish territory. Chiron is adding to the feistiness, too, throwing hot-button, hair-trigger issues into the mix.

The plus side? The line up is motivating fast responses to fast-acting emotions. It’s unlikely you’ll be mulling situations over and ping-ponging from one response to another. You’ve been doing that long enough. None of the issues flaring now are new. Much of the ricketiness has been around for months, and becoming increasingly unavoidable since last November.

This is the last of seven consecutive full moons at 16 degrees of their sign. Cosmic quick-change artist Uranus was conjunct the second in the sequence, November’s Taurus lunar eclipse, and every Full Moon since then has felt awakening and liberating jolts from him from differing angles. They flowed easily into reshaping boundaries under last month’s Virgo Full Moon. Now comes clean-up and adjustment, from the Libra Moon’s inconjunct to Uranus (which is, tidily, back at the degree it occupied under the first 16 degree Full Moon).

You may have thought that you’d put certain situations in order. You may have thought that you installed healthier borders or ground rules. The key word is “thought.” Last month’s Full Moon had a decidedly intellectual streak, transforming your thinking. The fieriness that’s flaring in you (and everyone) this month is leading to adjusting ground rules and tweaking agreements.

While portions of the playground will see hotheaded outbursts, most of it has the potential to be surprisingly amiable and even considerate. Venus, the dispositor of the Libra Full Moon, is in the opportunity aspect of a sextile to Neptune, her higher counterpart in love and inspiration. They encourage playing nice and being kind – at minimum, smiling in the midst of the adjusting and tweaking and rewriting.

Maybe you’ll call a truce or two. Maybe you’ll come up with unconventional alliances or arrangements. Maybe connections will adapt to have more space, more breathing room, more independence and autonomy for each individual. Maybe you’ll work out who gets to use parts of the playground at what times (even if you plan is to be nowhere around when certain people are about). Maybe you’ll remove some of the playground equipment, or replace it with something you actually enjoy at this age. And if someone’s been barging the lines you drew last month, you could boot them from the playground and not look back. And no matter what, you’ll be oiling and resetting the seesaw.

What you’re tweaking is part of a greater process that goes beyond the Uranian jolts of recent months. The Libra Full Moon falls at the halfway point of this year’s two Aries New Moons, at 0 Aries March 21 and at 29 Aries April 19.

The coming New Moon has a special force, not just from being at the end of the sign, but from launching eclipse season. The April New Moon is a total solar eclipse, the first on the Aries/Libra axis that will rock relationships for the next couple of years. Whatever the state of our relationships is after the Libra Full Moon, that’s where we’ll be when the reset and upgrade button hits. Address what you can now. Soon you’ll simply be flying.