Astro-Insight for March 27 – April 2, 2023

This is Kathy Biehl o\f with Astro-Insight for the week of March 27th, 2023. How you doing with the new energies? Does your life feel different? You seeing anything different in the world, or are you so busy and so crazed yourself that you’ve just been in a flurry of activity and not really spending a lot of time worrying about what anybody else is up to? We’ve made it through the major sign changes that were part of the month of March. Saturn is now in Pisces where it’s going to be for a couple of years, bringing structure and order and oh, perhaps accountability in our dealings with and connection to all of existence. Pluto is briefly in Aquarius, where it will sit at the doorway until early June, giving us a foretaste of new ways of dealing with collective issues, and especially of power and technology, which will come back to more next year and Mars, the planet that rules how we push ourselves forward,

Our cosmic action hero and first responder has finally left the information-oriented air of Gemini, which it has been flying back and forth through since the end of last August, and is now in home-loving, nurturing Cancer. But maybe you haven’t really had the time to notice any of that just yet. The week begins with a high energy callback to the beginning of the month. Mercury, the planet that rules what goes in and out of our mouths and minds and how we get around is meeting with Jupiter, both in Aries. The reason this is a callback to the beginning of the month is that Venus had exactly the same meeting on March 1st. At that point, the two planets of absolute indulgence were in go-getter mode with nothing about to stop them. And now our minds and our information sources and flow and thoughts and words are meeting with the guy with the can of flame accelerant. Even if you’re someone who ordinarily prefers to chew on your thoughts and words to ruminate, you’re gonna be

Really fiery and impulsive as the week begins. This is absolute hot headedness, absolute lack of regard for consequences or anybody else in your path or impact on other people. It could simply be a tremendously exciting expression of energy, enthusiasm over the top, but it could also be highly aggressive, assertive beyond normal social bounds, and actually moving from argumentative into outright combative. So we have a moment, a stretch, a little outburst of maximum Aries peaking on the 28th. And something about it is gonna be kind of reminiscent of whatever was going on in your hearts, in your relationships, in your desires at the very beginning of the month. And not long after that, we hit a point of stabilization, which could also involve a little bit of forcefulness and a little bit of, oh, let’s use the right word, fighting, cause Mars in his action hero mod,e being the defender of the home front is in an easy flow with Saturn, planet of adulting, planet of structure, planet of consequences, in the all connecting possibly spiritual sign of Pisces.

This trine is exact on the 30th, and we may find that wherever our energies naturally gravitate ends up grounding us in something that is good for the soul. This could be a moment of, oh, if anybody does this anymore, scrubbing the walls of your shower stall with a toothbrush, maybe to get the scum off. It could be firming up a situation to bring stability onto the home front, into something that you want to love and nurture and that you deeply value. It could be absolutely committing to something that you love, committing to family, committing to your home base, committing to your roots, committing to your own security, possibly setting up

A home base. And then — oh, wait, did this sound like security and stability? Well, not entirely because something is coming unlocked at exactly that moment. A chain is breaking, a lock is opening, something is blowing open, a desire is changing, switches are flipping. Are you hearing the code words? Uranus is at play. Venus, the ruler of all we value and desire is meeting with quick-change agent Uranus at the degree of the Taurus lunar eclipse. That happened at the beginning of November, 2022, which was midterm election day in the US. You could have a change of heart, you could have something just break open, break apart, something that has been teetering, destabilized for the past — however many is that? — four and a half months, almost five months, taking a different form, probably really unexpectedly, and probably you’re going to feel really good about it. Or with that Mars Saturn trine, you’re gonna head to the kitchen and make yourself some comfort food, or perhaps both. Scattered throughout the week

There are a bunch of those pesky little semi-sextiles, which are the aspects that I equate with having a piece of gravel in your shoe and it being there no matter what you do to try to get it out, or sand getting into an oyster and irritating it to the point that it secretes a substance that gradually creates a beautiful pearl. Something this week is nudging us to look at maybe how we have fooled ourselves, to look at maybe how we’ve, oh, romanticized a situation or made excuses for someone. And along with this a really uncomfortable electric current that’s saying you really need to speak up. You really need to say something you haven’t really said before, and we’re back to the next stage in the vibe that was there at the beginning of the month, which is, you know you want this and it maybe is a little bit too sweet for your system, but oh, you want it and you can’t quite ignore the impulse to admit to yourself that you want it. But look at it this way. You’ve just been freed from a situation, from a mindset, from

A desire that now makes it possible for you to ask for just a little bit more.
Homing Thought of the Week. Just do it.
Song of the Week: Ain’t No Stopping Us Now by McFadden Whitehead. And if you do not know this song, it is feel good; go look it up.
And the Image of the Week is: the food replicator on the Starship Enterprise.
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