Astro-Insight for March 20-26, 2023

This is Kathy Biehl o\f with Astro-Insight for the week of March 20th, 2023. This week is like nothing we have ever experienced. Now, that’s a pretty dramatic statement, and if you’ve been listening to me for a while, you know that I very rarely go out into anything that sounds like exaggeration, but seriously, guys, this is unlike what we have experienced in this lifetime. This week, everything moves into a more intense, more energized mode of being in a cluster of aspects so close together and all so potent that it’s going to be very difficult to separate them out and identify them as they are occurring. It’s really just gonna feel like a huge ball of energy is erupting in everyone and everything, and setting incredibly dramatic events in motion. Do not hyperventilate. On a personal level this will be a very good thing, and collectively probably too.

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It just may take us a while to get the hang of how to ride this energy, like someone trying to ride a bucking bronco or one of those mechanical bulls in a country and western bar. We get one more chance to dump a bunch of baggage and to step much more into our own power, or at least awareness of what we have control over, when the sun sextiles Pluto on the 20th. And this prepares us for everything that happens next. The 20th is the equinox, the halfway point between the December solstice and the June solstice. It starts spring in the northern hemisphere, fall in the southern hemisphere. It is when the sun enters the sign of Aries and is sitting at the very first degree of the zodiac. So everything that’s going on now sets the tone for the next three months, but actually for a far longer period because of something that’s happening later in the week.

The New Moon in Aries occurs right after the Equinox on the 21st, also at the very first degree of the zodiac. This is an enormously energizing event made even more so by two other things that are going on again later in the week that are already playing into this. The Aries moon’s ruler Mars is just about to move into Cancer. It’s at the last gasp of the Gemini-ruled communication and disinformation journey that Mars has taken us all on since the end of August. So something is coming to a head and pushing for, propelling, demanding action in the most action-oriented New Moon in the zodiac. This adds daring boldness, risk-taking, hot headedness, just jumping, leaping, doing things without thinking them through. And if that weren’t sufficient cause for boldness, Pluto, the ruler of ultimate power, is in a handshake aspect to the New Moon,

Also out of sign. Pluto is also in the last gasp of its trek through the sign of Capricorn, which it has been traveling through since January, 2008. There is a culmination feel to the opportunity that plays into the fire power of this new moon. For some people, it’s going to be a “What do I have to lose?” influence. For some people, it will be the injection of a steel backbone that they didn’t know that they had. But look at the symbolism: Mars and Pluto, the rulers of war and death, teaming together to pump up this new moon, fierce, fearless, brazen, bold. I am not saying war is gonna break out. I am saying that we will all have warrior power at our disposal instinctively, automatically. And then on the 23rd, Pluto briefly leaves the sign of Capricorn. He’s going back in this summer, but for now, until the beginning of June, we get our first taste of the planet of power moving into the sign of the collective and of technology,

Pluto in Aquarius. It hasn’t been there since the late 1700s. It’s not gonna get any farther than the doorway for right now. Next year, it’ll scoot just a tiny bit further into it, but for now, we’re just getting a glimpse. Watch for early warning signs of a redistribution of power, of money, of wealth, of radical and previously unimaginable changes in the role of technology. We’ve been seeing some of that brewing already. And on a personal level, watch for indicators of new horizons in your own life. These are going to be the playing field into the 2040s. Unlikely that anyone’s gonna be standing at the doorway going,

“Oh, I’m scared. I don’t wanna go through. I don’t wanna look.” With all this firepower, excitement, the sensation of “I can finally get somewhere,” don’t be surprised if you’re actually chomping at the bit to run out into the new turf, but we can’t quite access it yet. Just observe for now. At the end of the week on the 25th, Mars finally clears out of Gemini. The arguing, the stirring up of papers and words and fighting words, and however it’s been playing out in your life with Mars in Gemini since August, Mars finally clears out and enters the sign of Cancer, not naturally compatible energy for the God of war. Mars in Cancer can be extraordinarily protective of what it loves, of the home front, of security, but it has more of a vibe of superheroes stomping around the kitchen than the usual behaviors that we associate with nurturing and nesting. And the first exact aspect that Mars makes after he slides into cancer is an adjustment aspect to Pluto.

No matter how much we’ve all been running around and excitedly trying to get things off the ground and pursuing incredibly high energy agendas, now we come up against something that we’ve gotta deal with, that we have to take into account. We cannot all drive bulldozers over the people in our lives, over the situations in our lives. There’s some kind of collective or inherent power issue that comes up, or perhaps an adjustment in how you are going about things, which leads to the backstop to all of this activity this week with so much high drama going on. It’s going to be easy to lose sight of the fact that Saturn, the planet of adulting, is in Pisces, the sign of the interconnectedness of all existence. There are cautions, there are indicators if you just pay attention to them, that no one of us is alone. No one of us can really be a lone ranger.

Everything we do has an impact on other people and Saturn and Pisces is saying, play nice, play nice. There will be ramifications if you don’t. One caution. The noise to signal ratio with astrological information may be incredibly high this week. There could be a lot of fear mongering or in the other direction, “la, la, la, la, la, everything is going to be perfect now” drivel being spread online and in social media. Trust your reaction. Trust your own sense of logic. Trust your own sense of power. Please do not buy into any of the doomsayers. Please do not go off into the clouds with any of the “la la, la, now life is perfect” people. Each of us will have extremely personalized and unmistakable impulses to act, to move forward, to behave in certain ways. Follow your own energy. Go with the excitement. Have some fun with this.

Homing Thought of the Week: If not now, when?
Song of the Week: I have two. The Bugs Bunny Show theme song “on with the show, this is it.” And This Is The Moment, from the musical. Jekyll and Hyde and the
Image of the Week: I also have two: the starting gun going off for a race that’s taking the runners through a track they have never been on. And two, Dorothy opening the farmhouse door onto Munchkinland in Technicolor.
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