Astro-Insight for March 6-12, 2023

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of March 6th, 2023. This is when the action finally starts. All of the change everybody’s been talking about, the pressure you’ve been feeling for a gear shift, for a new phase, for something, please to be different. This is the week it starts. There are several aspects that are like switches, flipping that are sudden shifts, sudden changes, sudden breaks in the way that you have been feeling. You can’t expect if it’s been low and depressing and heavy for you lately, which has been the case for a lot of people who have placements at the ends of the fixed signs, particularly the end of Aquarius, the end of Leo. Those feelings of heaviness and futility, and “I don’t think I can go on any longer” break this week. Uranus is a factor. Uranus, the guy who changes the way we look at things, throws lightning bolts, breaks open locks, shifts our perspectives into a direction that perhaps we hadn’t considered before.

Uranus is in a sextile or an opportunity aspect at the beginning of the week and on the weekend, first with the Sun, then with Mercury. And what this boils down to is the week is bookended by shakeups, by startling news, by opportunities to liberate yourself, your thinking, a situation, something. On the seventh, the Full Moon in Virgo also gets help from Uranus. But the difference between the bookends and the Full Moon is the bookends require you to actually reach out and grab the lightning strike; the Full Moon has it wired into it. The Full mMon in Virgo is in a pretty close trine to Uranus. It is the next to last in a sequence of full moons at 16 degrees of their sign, all of which are in a relationship with last November’s Taurus Full Moon lunar eclipse. This particular one brings easy, organic, seemingly effortless change, and it is all about boundaries. The generally emotional Full Moon is in an intellectual

Energy, an intellectual sign of Virgo, known for an ability to be objective, to look at situations, chew on them, and see what could be better. This is not to say that Virgo doesn’t experience feelings, but it tends to be a much more analytical approach. And a Full Moon in Virgo often has moments of, “Nope, that’s it.” And this one has a big sequence of them because of the trine to Uranus. Things that have been rocking, that have been destabilized since November are toppling easily, naturally. The shaking up is finally getting to them. This could be your emotional reaction to situations and realizing, “Nope, not gonna tolerate that anymore.” No apologies, just “I’m done.” And there may well be a very big collective piece to this ’cause the contact of this Full Moon at 16 degrees is to the lunar eclipse that took place on election day in the US.

And right after the moment of fullness occurs, the first of this month’s, gigantic shifts occurs. Saturn leaves Aquarius, where it’s been for the past three years, during the pandemic, during the lockdowns, during social distancing, during so much of life, so much of socializing going online, and Saturn moves into Pisces. Structure is coming to the interconnectedness of all existence. The last time we experienced this was ’94 to ’96. Once Saturn gets into Pisces during 2023, it’s only gonna travel as far as it did during 1994. It might be fun, useful, productive to think back to what was going on in your life at that time, what was going on in your world at that time. These are seemingly incompatible archetypes, one being focused on structure and order and rules, and one being boundless, covering the entire planet, covering all of existence and reality. Perhaps form and structure will come to imagination and to creativity. But this week, the first moments of it are going to underscore the message of the Virgo Full Moon, which is intactness. Remember the old saying,

Good fences make good neighbors. All of this emphasis on boundaries and change does not doom, healthy, solid, good, flourishing relationships. In fact, it promotes their health and their solidity and their flourishing. And proof of that comes as the weekend starts on the 11th, when Venus and Mars make an opportunity aspect or a sextile, Mars is actually ruling this show, because Venus is in Aries, the sign he rules Mars is still in Gemini. And this sextile emboldens conversations, invites us to say things that maybe we haven’t had the nerve to do before, invites us to ask for what we really want, which might be information, might be companionship, might be something, a good deal, more brazen. And you know what? If the situation is still there after the Uranian strikes, why…why not take a chance?
Homing Thought of the Week: I’m making Healthy Choices.
Song of the Week, Pure Imagination,

The song that Gene Wilder sings as Willy Wonka in the movie Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory You might enjoy Jackie Evancho’s version of it
And The Image of the Week is: Contemplating the Ocean.
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