Astro-Insight for February 13-19, 2023

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of February 13th, 2023. This week is all over the spectrum of possibilities and people are going to be experiencing the aspects in probably wildly different ways. The beginning of the week does involve some mixture of incredible romanticism and fantasy and perhaps love, but also really earthly ramifications. And this is pervading Valentine’s Day, even though the two aspects creating this aren’t exact until the 15th or the 16th. What’s going on is that the two guardians of love and creativity, Venus and Neptune, are meeting in the boundless sign of Pisces, exact on the 15th. Venus is in love with love in Pisces, and she’s meeting up with the miracle maker, the dream maker, the ultimate illusionist. This meeting brings an amazing sense of escapism and unreality, perhaps bliss, perhaps absolute delusion. And on the next day, the 16th, the Sun has a conjunction with Saturn, planet of adulting order structure, consequences.

Now this Sun/Saturn connection is going to be a grounding cord of some sort on that Venus Neptune activity. The question is, how is it going to express itself in your life? For some people, very beautiful romantic moments will then lead to commitment and stabilizing and security. It will not be surprising if this particular Valentine’s Day brings an epidemic of couples getting together, an epidemic of engagements. On the other hand, the Venus/Neptune Llnk could completely delude us, and we could really quickly hit a wall of cold, hard reality. Your best scenario: find a way to stabilize and make real whatever the miraculous, dreamy developments are that Venus and Neptune bring. This is actually a terrific combination for making something tangible out of creative inspiration,

Finding a way to harness the magic and bring it down into physical form. Whichever way this goes, and it could go in multiple directions simultaneously, your mind is going to have a lot to chew on, and probably communication is going to go into overdrive. Don’t keep whatever is going on to yourself. Talk it up, research it, read about it, and let yourself imagine bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, with Mercury in an opportunity aspect to Jupiter, the guy that likes to up any action he gets near, that’s exact on the 17th. While we’re in this mind expansion mode, a couple of things happen to calibrate our beings and the way we’re going about things. The Sun makes an uncomfortable aspect to Pluto at the very end of Capricorn. And this is the predicate, the prerequisite to the Sun moving out of Aquarius and into the sign of Pisces. For a while now,

Pluto is the gatekeeper of the out door. Every planet changing signs has to have a meeting with him at the very end of Capricorn until nearly the end of March. This is a moment of stripping some part of yourself away, of fessing up to your own power, of facing, recognizing, confronting some deep, powerful element in your life, possibly within you, possibly outside of you. It changes you and forces you to act with more focus, clarity, and precision. And around the same time, our words, the way the messaging that we’re sending out, whatever information that we’re pushing forward also gets an uncomfortable nudge from shocking information, startling information, something that requires facing a different way of looking at things. Very possibly there’s a bolt of lightning that illuminates a situation, and you have to calibrate the way you are going about things, even though you probably aren’t going to be really enthusiastic about this. But wait, there’s more. Then there is an uncomfortable nudge that ties together the two pairs of aspects that were going on early in the week. Venus

Still off in fantasy land from her meeting with Neptune hits a point of having to deal with cold, hard reality. Something in you, something in your life, some little voice inside of you nudges and nudges and forces you to suit up and drop some of the delusion, drop some of the illusion and make choices for boring, old reality, stability, commitment, tangibility. And then we get another dose of the dream world. The Sun moves into the sign of Pisces on the 18th and enhances the general feeling of dreaminess, floatiness, yeah, we’re all one. There’s still a softness in the air with this and some of the objectivity and outright coldness that we’ve been experiencing with the Sun in Aquarius fades. And this could be a very enjoyable weekend cause Venus then deals with her counterpart in love and money, Pluto, in an opportunity aspect on the 19th. How do you bring your desires in alignment with what the cells in your body are screaming for?

How do you bring depth and power and incredible meaning into your connections or possibly into one connection? Maybe the one connection that came into focus at the beginning of the week. Maybe you see what it is you want to cut out.
Homing thought of the week: Show me what is real.
Song of the week: I have two. They’re both from the sixties. They’re both obscure. Big surprise. The first one is An Ordinary Couple from the original stage production of the Sound of Music. It was cut, but it definitely speaks one manifestation of Venus meeting Neptune and Saturn meeting the Sun, and the other one speaks a different manifestation of that. It is the song Bedazzled from the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore film Bedazzled, by Drimble Wedge and the Vegetation. You can find this on YouTube. The women sing the Venus Neptune portion and the man intones, the Sun/Saturn portion.

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Image of the week. I’ve also got two for that. A rose with thorns and clouds clearing.
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