Astro-Insight for January 16-22, 2023

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of January 16th, 2023. This is a tantalizing week. We will noticeably sense levers being depressed and teeing up movement, and we will be hanging and waiting and anticipating, and then suddenly by the weekend movement starts happening and it suddenly feels like New Year’s has arrived. But before then, it’s still just a little weird. Mars has gone direct, Mars, the planet that rules our action, but it’s hovering at the degree of its direct station until the end of the weekend or early next week. So there’s still a sense of not a lot of movement on things that we went back and explored from the end of the summer. Mercury is stationing direct on the 18th in an adjustment aspect to Mars, and that’s gonna take Mercury a few days to move forward, which adds to the sensation of hurry up and wait.

The adjustment aspect to Mars could deliver information that tweaks some of what was starting to take shape last week when Mars Station Direct. And this particular turnaround with Mercury is incredibly intense. Something profoundly empowering comes out of it: Focus on yourself, a redefinition of yourself, a stepping further and further into your own personal power, possibly coming face to face with your own personal demons because the Sun conjoins Pluto as Mercury is stationing direct. And since that direct station is happening in Capricorn, where Pluto is, it could be as if a backhoe dredges something up that is involved with the foundations and structures of our lives that affects how things move forward once they start moving forward. Very soon after this, the sun moves into Aquarius on the 20th, which it does every year, but this year there’s a difference. First off, Venus has already crossed that degree. This year our desires and our socializing are already in the friend

Zone of Aquarius. More importantly, the very beginning of Aquarius is where Pluto is going to be at the end of March for the first time in our existence. So we’re getting an early warning signal about our collectives, our views of the future, our friendships, our networks, our relation to technology, and all of that gets a refresh and a new start at the Aquarius New Moon this week on the 21st. This one has an exaggerated visionary streak to it because expansive Jupiter is putting his optimism and indulgence and fire in Aries on tap. For us, this is an incredibly strong and neigh on irresistible invitation to dream much, much bigger than you’ve been dreaming, to extend your reach even more across the globe, across technology, and more importantly into the future. Who’s in your tribe? Who’s in your collective? Now, the issue of who your traveling party is has been under reevaluation for the last few years.

And a lot of previously close friendships have gone down divergent paths, with shared history no longer being sufficient reason to walk side by side anymore. Look for a really huge taste of what the new horizons are in your social groups. These bring both limitations and commitment, when Venus meets Saturn on the 22nd. In other signs, this might precipitate a big epidemic of engagements, but Aquarius isn’t really about one-on-one closeness. It is the religion of friends and the Venus / Saturn conjunction in this sign does force structure and commitment and possibly separations. So this might be operating as a kind of sorting hat, another round of who’s with me? Who do I wanna travel with? And being firmly committed to the ones that abide it could be really exciting. There is a lot of electricity in the air as this happens. And Wobbliness and a lightning field with Uranus, the quick change agent, the advocate of alternate viewpoints, stationing direct also on the 22nd.

Its retrograde began at the end of August. And while an outer planet retrograde in normal years might not really have all that big a noticeable impact on you, well, nothing’s pretty normal these days, and this one is going to be noticeable because Uranus is going to be soon crossing over territory that it covered during some other really volatile times, particularly the November lunar eclipse, which it was the honor guard for. Right now, Uranus’ direct station is teeing up the May lunar eclipse in Scorpio. It’s where the sun is going to be when that eclipse occurs. So just put a pin on what is stirring, moving, shaking this week for you, because it’s very likely going to be part of the game board that gets rearranged by the Scorpio lunar eclipse in May. The immediate impact, though, with both of these two inner planets, Mars and then Mercury, going direct, Mercury moving ahead, Mars almost clearing the degree of his direct station, and then this new Aquarian energy and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius stationing direct.

All of this is incredibly technical language for Yeehaw! We are finally starting to move, and where we’re going is really different from where we’ve been, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. And you know what that means? You get to remake yourself. You are not bound by who you were before or the rules that limited you before.
Homing thought of the week: Does (fill in the blank) support my vision for the future?
Song of the week. I’ve got two: This Year by Cooper and A Whole New World from the musical Beauty and the Beast (CORRECTION: Aladdin!), and
The image of the week is the moment when the brake is released on a rollercoaster car that has been waiting near the top of a hill and it hangs in suspense before it barrels down the hill.
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