Astro-Insight for December 12-18, 2022

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of December 12th, 2022. The noise level is still a bit high, but things are becoming more manageable. We hit peak noise last week with retrograde Mars on top of the Gemini Full Moon, and we’ve got another month of Mars being retrograde in the sign of communication. However, this week you’ll start to notice that the atmosphere is shifting into much more of a down to earth, long-term projections, consequence aware approach to many, many things with Mercury, the communication, God and Venus ruler of everything we value now, both in stable, steady, goal-oriented Capricorn. This shift is helping us get less caught up in whatever craziness is happening in the moment and being more cognizant of where we’re heading or what could be growing out of whatever is going on right now, while also helping you keep your eye on your own personal priorities, the things that you value most.

Because Mercury and Venus, both being in Capricorn, attune us to shelf life and durability and what will actually be reliable and available in the long run. We have some personal access to that kind of approach on the 12th, as the week starts, when a sextile between the sun and Saturn opens the door to finding some grounding, to acting in a mature way, to taking responsibility for something in your life, maybe even just for your life. It’s a moment that doesn’t push putting on big kid panties; it just makes it attractive to step into them, and it would be a good idea to actually grab onto whatever grounding cord is presented to you at the beginning of the week, because as the week goes on, your personal sense of reality is scheduled to get a bit diffuse. The sun is squaring Neptune, the cosmic fog machine on the 14th. You could question yourself. You could have a huge streak of escapism, like, “I really don’t wanna deal with 1, 2, 3.” You could be happily wandering through the clouds, and if you’ve got that grounding cord, you can proceed without, well, let’s be honest, damage coming and the impact may be as simple as

Engendering a desire in you to just watch a bunch of TV, to binge, to go off into fantasy land of some sort. Nostalgia could be running high, wistfulness for the way things used to be, whether the way things used to be as you’re thinking of them bear any discernible relationship to how they actually were. Don’t worry about getting stuck in this fog, however, because thunder claps are coming that are going to disperse it, that are going to clear your thinking, that are going to motivate you. There is an adjustment aspect or an inconjunct between Mercury and Mars on the 15th, upending some strategy that you’ve been following and requiring a course correction. Perhaps you get a piece of information that causes you to change the way you’re going about something. Perhaps a message comes through that prompts being much more proactive and trying to make something happen.

And then at the weekend comes the real and the profound thunder clap that awakens you, that shines a light on completely different ways of going about things, that knocks your thinking on its side. There is a trine between Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, the two rulers of the min,d mere mortal and higher, and both in signs that have to do absolutely with life down here on Earth. You might get a huge insight into changing something for your long-term benefit. It could involve money. It probably does involve goals. It frees up the way you have been looking at a situation and delivers something that is a break from your norm, that’s unconventional, that possibly has a stroke of genius. It may very well involve looking differently at all of the disruptions that have been going on since mmm June or so, all the disruptions that have been going on with the eclipses and with plot twists and sudden changes going in and out of our lives. And you may get a clue about how to work things to your long-term benefit while your mind is being unlocked over the weekend. Look out for some vaguely uncomfortable music playing in the background signaling that, okay, so you’re seeing a better possibility here, but there may be something else for you to face to deal with, an unpleasant, uncomfortable

Truth to deal with. This comes from a semisextile between the Sun and Pluto. The image that comes to mind for this is a scene in the 90s film The English Patient in a flashback when the protagonist finally kisses the woman he loves. And even though on the one hand this is a beautiful and celebratory moment, the music gets more and more and more ominous and tense, and as the camera pans back, you see that just out of the line of their vision, her husband is visible playing Santa, with sound and sight, planting the seed that there is an issue that will require addressing. Nothing quite so ominous on the schedule for us. Don’t take it that way. Just be aware that in the midst of holiday fun, in the midst of holiday escapism, in the midst of epiphanies, causing us all to look at other possibilities in our lives, there still remains

Yep. Personal work. Sorry. It never goes away.
Homing thought of the week: Change my thinking, change my life.
Song of the week: I’ve got two, A String for My Kite, which Davy Jones sings in 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, which you can find on YouTube. It’s a weird song and every line fits this week. And on a happier note, A Change Would Do You Good by Sheryl Crow.
And the image of the week is holiday lights.
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