Astro-Insight for November 28 – December 4, 2022

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of November 28th, 2022. We’re moving a lot of pieces around on the game board this week. Expect a terrific amount of activity. Some of it will lock into place; some of it will settle. We’ll move a couple of pieces into a place and then sit and think about it. So it has an interesting blend of stabilizing and moving and stabilizing some more and contemplating what we’ve done. So you can think of it as if we are all artists, making some kind of multimedia project and moving the pieces around, seeing what suits us, seeing what maybe we wanna put in a different place. All of which means nothing’s locking you in this week, so keep that as a bonus. The majority of the energy is in mutable signs, which gives a terrific amount of flexibility.

We’re all able to flow this way and then flow that way. The week begins with retrograde Mars in an easy flow with stabilizing Saturn. Retrograde Mars in Gemini has been whipping all kinds of information up, sometimes ridiculously so. When this planet trines Saturn, we can expect some things to take on a recognizable shape, take on recognizable contours, and maybe start making some sense. All week long, the three inner planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, are in a dance, a do-si-do actually, going this way and that way, each of them contacting the same outer bodies and then each other. After Mars makes that stabilizing, mature, responsible aspect to Saturn, party pooper and planet of adulting, Mercury and Venus throughout the week make oppositions to Mars, which give us vantage point for stepping back and considering what is going on, considering what is stabilizing or not considering where the walls are starting to firm up. Mercury’s opposition to Mars is on the 29th, Venus’ on the 30th, so they will operate as pretty much one block. Mercury and Venus also have their own dance with Saturn. A sextile is an opportunity aspect, which is a door opening or a window opening, but

You have to actually work with it in order for the benefit to come. Mercury makes its sextile on the 29th. Venus makes hers on December 2nd. These are openings for getting information that ends up being important, stabilizing, structure-promoting for you. The Venus one especially could involve an agreement, a collaboration, maybe even a commitment, but it’s a choice because of the aspect being a sextile. As we get these long distance vantage points, as we contemplate the opportunities we’re existing in mists, clouds, clouds of confusion, clouds of romanticizing. Well, we’re moving into the winter holidays, which can often bring memories and nostalgia and wanting to watch Hallmark Channel movies, make cookies, listen to music from childhood. Mercury and Venus are each making a square to Neptune on December 1st and on December 4th. These could increase the sentimentality and the nostalgia and an atmosphere of not being entirely on this spot on the time space continuum.

These contacts could also simply be very sweet and gentle, and escapist. Know that you have grounding cords at your disposal through those sextiles to Saturn. Hold onto them, and you can enjoy the clouds without getting carted off again. It’s a week for stabilizing some bits of information, stabilizing some plans, stabilizing some desires, moving some things around on your game board, stepping back and looking at it and going, Hmm. All right. Do I like this? Does it fit? You don’t have to move it around just yet.

Homing thought of the week: take my time.
Song of the week: Defying Gravity from Wicked and the
Image of the week is: Square dancing.
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