Astro-Insight for November 14-20, 2022

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of November 14th, 2022. Anyone have whiplash? Feeling kind of woozy? Still a little shaky? We’re gonna be feeling the effects of last week’s lunar eclipse — last week’s Uranus-blessed lunar eclipse — for some time. Now, a lot of it will resurface in April. Much of it’s gonna continue playing out at least through then maybe into May. And while all of that continues to shake down, shake up around all the departures and endings and chapter closings and revelations keep rolling in, this week takes on some different textures throughout it all. Everything is blanketed by a kind of diffuse, confusing, maybe woozy-making atmosphere clouds all over everything. Mars retrograde is heading for a square to Neptune, which is exact on the 19th. This is stirring a lot of thinking, a lot of activity, a lot of thoughts, a lot of commentary and communication and even pieces of paper and of course fighting that may simply be causing more confusion.

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It may involve gaslighting or lies. It may involve great inspiration actually. And it might tie back to October 12th when Mars was direct and squared Neptune for the first time at this general location. Since he’s retrograde and since this is a second pass of pumping up the cosmic fog machine, it is entirely possible that whatever happens this week will pump something up enormously that’s connected to all of those types of things: Communication, conversations, fighting words, actions, agendas around the middle of October, October 12th to be exact. It is also possible that the Martian action will pierce the fog and bring to light because a retrograde always involves a do-over or a revisiting or a second look and in this case a second conversation. The validity of information will be an issue. The validity of news sources, the validity of whatever stuff is going through your mind, and whatever stuff you’re hearing anybody saying around you. What is truth? What is an illusion? What’s absolute escapism? None of this sounds familiar to any

Of you you, I am certain. So this is, uh, overarching, it’s this giant cloud that’s over the entire week while we move into a gear shift toward the potentially more optimistic energy that will guide the end of the month, believe it or not. The urge to actually be around other people is increasing and increasing and increasing. Conversations are increasing and increasing and increasing as Venus and Mercury both trine Jupiter, Jupiter in the sign of Pisces ruled by Neptune. So you’re gonna see there’s a strong Neptune through line in a lot of things going on this week. Venus and Mercury are still in Scorpio, which is seeing below the surface, perceiving things without your logical mind trafficking in deep secrets and stuff that normally would be scary, possibly pulling financial information, revelations even more to the surface. So these two trines could very well be kicking up a lot of information about the big issues and dramas related to the lunar eclipse in Taurus.

And as soon as they make these contacts, which are exact on the 15th and 16th, each of these planets moves into the sign ruled by Jupiter, who has just pumped them up, Sagittarius. Venus enters Sagittarius on the 16th, Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 17th. Our social interactions become much more numerous adventuresome, high energy. Optimism and the ability to make jokes about just about anything move into our interactions and also our minds ’cause Mercury rules communication. And since he’s also the ruler of how we get around, we could be crawling out of our little personal bomb shelters and going out into the world and doing more and more and more. However, this two planet shift really will change the way a lot of things feel. And the atmosphere should get much more optimistic and expansive and filled with possibilities, with the caveat that Sagittarius has also Patrick Swayze’s place in Roadhouse, “My way or the highway” — I know that’s an old reference — so watch out for intellectual superiority, people acting like they’re right and no one else has, uh, any, any place even saying anything. You know, you have run into that. This is setting the stage for the sun entering the same sign next week on the 22nd,

But will already be feeling, here’s a good word, jovial, ruled by Jupiter, in ways that perhaps we haven’t for a while. And as we get this dose of optimism and adventurousness and desire to just simply have a good time for a while, doors open for us to deal with some things that maybe aren’t gonna seem so burdensome or scary, with that big dose of optimism and sense of silver lining running through our perspectives. Candid conversations are possible. Getting information that is profoundly important to you. Also possible streamlining your thinking or perspectives or cutting out something that really doesn’t matter to you anymore, also possible. And dropping a big heap of personal baggage and acting from a position of greater inner calm, strength, confidence, and empowerment, also possible with Mercury and the sun in a sextile or opportunity aspect to Pluto on the 14th and the 18th.

So these two moments of doing some kind of laser surgery on your thinking, on your information flow, on yourself, bookend the working week and the move toward a much more optimistic, jovial perspective. These brushes with Pluto don’t have to really be all that intense, or perhaps you won’t experience ’em that way because all of this atmospheric, gentle Neptunian influence actually works as a bit of an anesthetic. So you could feel the pain numbed. You know, sometimes anesthesia makes you feel kind of good. And by the end of the weekend as Mars is perfecting his square to Neptune, the sun is in an easy, easy flow with whatever is coming off the cosmic fog machine. You could feel strangely blissful. You could feel inspired, you could feel in love with life or maybe just yourself, just as good, again in a way that maybe you haven’t felt in a long time. So even as all of the changes erupting off of the lunar eclipse continue to explode like a string of black cats — I’m talking about the

Fireworks — you’re likely to be feeling pretty good and maybe even seeing the benefit personally to what is going on.
Homing thought of the week: Take everything under advisement.
Song of the week: Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee by Irving Berlin. It begins “just around the corner. There’s a rainbow in the sky”
And the image of the week is: Seeding a cloud.
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