Astro-Insight for October 31-November 6, 2022

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of October 31st, 2022. It’s an odd week astrologically. There’s only one new element coming into the mix only one new aspect, but a lot of really big stuff is kicking into gear, huge pieces moving into motion and lest we forget the waiting period of the time between eclipses, which is always a strange, strange time. All the more so when that is occurring during Halloween, during spooky season, during Scorpio season. Ghosts are definitely on the prowl this week, in our minds, in our psyches, in our dreams, coming across social media, whispers of the past, echoes of the past, evidence of the past. There’s a Scorpio emphasis in the sky with the sun, Mercury, and Venus in that sign, which immerse us in undercurrents, in perceiving backroom activity, in whatever is going on in the psyche, in memories of and communications with people on the other side of the veil.

Old, old, old situations, perhaps with the general vibe, the social mode, and our communication style, all being in Scorpio. Telepathy is on the rise. E S P., knowing things, understanding things, having gut reactions, gut feelings, gut instincts that turn out to be true. Not a week of logic, which is not to say that a lot of logic driven communication isn’t going to be flying cuz the second big piece is Mars is now fully underway with his retrograde, which will go on until the middle of January. The planet of action is retrograde in the sign of communication and transportation, in the sign that deals with how we exchange bits of data and thoughts and how our bodies move around, how we get things from place to place. Roadwork signs are going to be more and more common, detours, detours in thinking, but also stumbling across information that you didn’t quite catch the first time around. Opportunities to revisit conversations, communication, maybe even deals, and some of the information that is flying may be very helpful in the big long process of the week, which culminates in next week’s lunar eclipse in Taurus.

And that is getting a good, long, hard look at all of the physical, tangible, concrete, practical situations in our lives that are undergoing absolute and radical change. Relationships will give us a vantage point on this. So will our attitudes about our own self worth and what money means to us and what our talents are. Venus, the planet that rules all of those goodies as well as creature comforts, what’s in our bank account, what our investments are, because she’s in Scorpio, Venus is opposite change agent Uranus, which has been very, very, very active in the past year and three quarters testing and shaking up all kinds of structures and networks and institutions and givens and authority in our lives. And one huge playing field that is affected by all of this is relationships. Who’s close to you now? Who has been thrown off like by some kind of centrifugal force, thrown off into the far edge of the galaxy?

How has your changing attitude about your own worth and values played out in changes of who gets to sit where in your social group, your own personal social group? This week doesn’t so much bring change as give us a long distance view of it, give us plenty of opportunities to notice what has been happening, the value of what has been happening, the cost of what has been happening, and it’s the buildup to the huge crashing door slam that will come with the November 8 lunar eclipse in Taurus. So the endings could actually be showing up now, but at this point it’s more likely that they’re attitudinal and that they’re within you. Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs. They don’t like to move; they don’t like to let go. Your grasp may be loosening on some things that have been dear to you, on some things that you have valued: talents, people, situations, maybe even objects, maybe specific foods; that would actually fit. If you feel the tingle of a lightning bolt heading your way, just know if you hold on tight, the blast is going to feel all the worse when it hits. And this isn’t necessarily

A bad thing at all. We have a silver lining element underpinning all of this: beneficent Jupiter, the guy that is full of indulgence and the golden touch and encouraging going for more, more and more of everything .Jupiter has returned to his traditional home of Pisces for one final run through the very end of the sign until the end of the year. This increases our sense of connection to something bigger than who we are. It might even lend of little touch of magic to what is going on in your life. If nothing else, a sense of protection and angelic presence. Maybe a reminder that what has true and lasting value probably doesn’t come with a dollar sign or price tag attached to it. One of those types of reminders. Use this week for observation and contemplation and maybe loosening your grasp, just the tiniest bit, for welcoming information, snafus, communication, snafus, technology breakdowns, road blockages, opportunities to revisit and redo.

Cuz next week, oh boy, next week contains about one half of the aspects for the entire month. So enjoy the buildup.
Homing thought of the week: What am I done with?
Song of the Week: I’ve got a bunch of them. Sheryl Crow A Change Would Do You Good, Change by Taylor Swift and Changes by David Bowie. Notice a theme?
And the image of the week: is a telescope on an observation deck.
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