Astro-Insight for October 10-16, 2022

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of October 10th, 2022. This is your breather week, even if life is crazy, and it may well be compared to the rest of the month. This is your week for getting calm and centered and regaining a sense, semblance of control over yourself, if not over what is going on out in the world. One beautiful characteristic of the week is facilitating all kinds of connections, making it easy and organic and natural to gravitate to people that you get along with, people that you feel basically in sync with. Not just the Sun, not just Venus, but as of the 10th also Mercury are in the sign of Libra. Libra is relationship central. It’s an intellectual, word-prone sign that really focuses on at least the pretense of playing nice, seeking harmony, seeking gentle, pleasant exteriors, phrasing things in pretty beautiful ways, harmony in music.

There could be an element of actual balance or justice in some of what is going on with you, or seeking agreement, seeking cooperation. So Mercury is now a week out of its retrograde status. It has finally gotten out of God-is-in-the-details, nitty gritty Virgo, and it is in a really nice easy flow in Libra. This may be an uncommonly social time for you, or at least sociable. People are inclined to wanna be around each other, to do things together, to enjoy coexistence with other humans. In the midst of it, there is a little bit that’s reminding us that we’re not back sliding into the way things were. So even in the connections that are abiding, even in the friendships and relationships that are still in your life, something about the ground rules is different probably because you are different. We have all been radically changed

By the last couple of years, and there is a push to find internal stability, but also to get out of, at the same time, get out of agreements that are compromising that internal stability. So the two adjustment moments come on the 11th and the 13th with the Sun and then Venus in an inconjunct to Uranus. This is likely an outgrowth of last week’s fourth Saturn/Uranus square. Those two planets are still traveling in that relationship through this week. Old ways versus new ways; status quo being challenged by other ways of doing things; trying to put a structure or stability or order on disruptive influences; finding a way to straddle responsibility and maturity and being true to yourself. This happens in an atmosphere with a little wooziness, another round of “What is real? What is illusion?” as action hero. Mars in the highly verbal multitasking energy of Gemini squares

Neptune in Pisces and pumps on the button of the cosmic fog machine. Now, it could be that a lot more fog comes out and there is a lack of clarity about people’s motivations, suspicions that maybe what you’re looking at isn’t really what’s going on here. It may be that pumping on the cosmic fog machine releases a lot more manipulative language, deflecting language, misdirecting language, gaslighting language. It might be that pumping on the cosmic fog machine brings a lot of stuff to light, actually pierces the fog and makes it clearer and clearer what has been going on or what is really going on. And one final potential out of this that is worth keeping in mind is a demand that your words and actions have a soft, compassionate, maybe even spiritual and loving overtone to them. Now that’s worth striving for. If you’re not sure what’s really going on for you in the Mars/

Neptune square, don’t fret. Mars is going retrograde at the end of the month, and although it’s not gonna go over this particular degree again until next year, the Mars retrograde will bring opportunity after opportunity to go back and pick up dropped threads and attempt to push out what has really been meant, what has really been said, what has really been going on. And amidst all this, there are major beneficial bright spots. As I said at the beginning, this is the week to catch your breath, to get stable, to get grounded. So even if you have to tweak who you are, even if you tweak some of your relationships, even if you’re wondering like, is this a bunch of hooey? What’s really happening here? Has (fill in the blank) gone crazy? Despite all that, the grounding cord is coming down and burying itself deep within you.

On the 11th, the Sun trines Saturn on the 14th, Venus trines Saturn. These two contacts bring structure, order, stability, sanity, sobriety. You may easily take command of yourself to whatever extent you can, take responsibility for yourself, and something in a relationship, a connection, a situation that you value greatly also stabilizes. If nothing else, this could lead to your own sense of your own worth and deservingness solidifying, locking into place. It is worth noting when this grounding cord comes down, it is worth noting when you feel physically more present in your body and more stable and confident and secure in yourself because it’s from this place that you are going to launch significant action next week. But this week you are in the getting still and calm and secure part of the process.
Homing thought of the week: I value my own stability.
Song of the week: Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.
And the image of the week is: taking a deep calming breath.
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